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Willie Garson

Willie Garson stars as Mozzie in “White Collar.” The talented Garson is rarely at a loss for work, appearing in over 250 TV episodes of a wide variety of programming, and over 70 feature films. His unorthodox bald and bespectacled look won over fans on "Sex and the City," and he is also well known as Henry Coffield on "NYPD Blue." His career began with guest roles on "Cheers," "Family Ties," "thirtysomething" and "L.A. Law." He has stayed busy playing several recurring characters in a wide array of TV projects, such as "Just Shoot Me," "Spin City," "Ally McBeal," "The Practice," "Stargate SG-1," "Star Trek: Voyager," "The X-Files," "Medium" and "Pushing Daisies." On the big screen, Garson has collaborated with the Farrelly Brothers in their films "Kingpin," "There's Something about Mary" and "Fever Pitch." Garson has appeared in the quirky ensemble comedies "Soapdish," "Mars Attacks" and "Being John Malkovich.” At home on the stage as much as he is on television and in film, Garson continues to perform with various bicoastal theater companies in NY and LA.