Episode Guide

SMC 101: Be Cool To Your School TV-Y7 (30 min)

When the kids suffer a series of setbacks to their goal of raising money for a school field trip, Warren shows them that in business, and in life, there are no failures. He encourages the kids not to just learn from their mistakes, but to embrace them. Each misstep is an opportunity to eliminate what didn't work, and focus on what did, until the best path ahead is uncovered.

SMC 102: Neither Borrower Nor Lender Be, Dude TV-Y7 (30 min)

While the SMC sets out to save their local newspaper by bringing it to the internet, JONES borrows LISA's carefully saved money - then can't pay it back. Tensions escalate as both learn a high priced lesson.

SMC 103: When Pigs Fly TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Elena has to raise a potbellied pig for school, she can't do anything right and considers herself to be a failure.

SMC 104: Cost Of Giving TV-Y7 (30 min)

Lisa has over-committed herself to the max and is getting burnt out, participation in a charity run putting her over the top. What can she change in her life so she doesn't collapse from exhaustion and ruin everything?

SMC 105: Elena's Shaqtastic Adventure TV-Y7 (30 min)

SMC is recruiting local businesses to buy ad banners for around the gymnasium to help subsidize sports programs at their school. Meanwhile, Elena is approached by a sports scout, offering Elena a chance to attend a prestigious basketball summer camp. The attention goes to Elena's head and she's thinking of putting basketball first over her education. Fortunately, the SMC, Warren Buffett, and Warren's buddy Shaquille O'Neal help Elena realize that you cannot succeed in business or any other endeavor without a good education - so stay in school!

SMC 106: Avast Ye Downloads TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC heads to London and Radley & Jones learn a lesson about illegal downloads when their "virtual- international" band creates a song and music video that gets pirated by their fans!

SMC 107: Down And Out In Beijing TV-Y7 (30 min)

In Beijing, a young Chinese teen, left in charge of his family grocery store over orders a perishable food item without properly planning and it result in financial ruin for his parent's store...or so his vivid imagination pictures.

SMC 108: Listen To The Music TV-Y7 (30 min)

A musical superstar's concerned call prompts Warren to send the SMC team in to save her opening act's promising career from a greedy, and ultimately crooked, Manager who is exploiting him and having him focus on everything but his core business and passion - music.

SMC 109: Paranormally We Don't Do This Sort Of Thing TV-Y7 (30 min)

A Scottish bed and breakfast is supposedly haunted and plans to close down until the SMC kids figure out a plan to turn spooky, bad publicity into good publicity.

SMC 110: A Gift Shop Too Far TV-Y7 (30 min)

With a few comedic twists and turns, GISELE helps the Secret Millionaires Club save an orangutan rehabilitation sanctuary in Indonesia.

SMC 111: The Final Financial Frontier TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC are going into space? At least, Radley's experiment is. But first, they have to solve the financial crisis of Rocket Inc., pass astronaut tests, and make a "special delivery" to the ISS.

SMC 112: A Midwestern Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Pt 1 TV-Y7 (30 min)

Warren, the SMC and Starty travel to Camelot on a Quest for Six Golden Rules that will save Young Arthur's Kingdom.

SMC 113: A Midwestern Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Pt 2 TV-Y7 (30 min)

Jones and Radley inspire a badly beaten squire to keep his dream of being a Knight alive as Lisa shows a misguided mapmaker how to put his business on the map in the days of 'yore as they discover two more of the six golden rules.

SMC 114: A Midwestern Yankee In King Arthur's Court, Pt 3 TV-Y7-FV (30 min)

The SMC kids race to find the final Two Golden Rules, save Guinevere and recover the Book of Spells in time to return home.

SMC 115: Sweeeet! TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC encourage an up-and-coming chocolate maker to start a new candy business with his savings, but he forgets to tell them something VERY important: that money is for his wedding. When the chocolatier gets carried away and spends it all and the business begins to fail, can the SMC save the day and the wedding?

SMC 116: Just Say Snow TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC's favorite ski lodge is under new ownership and TOTALLY renovated to be...Swiss? It's losing customers and messing the whole ski town economy up. Meanwhile, Jones befriends a kid who says he's a great skier...until Jones takes him down the most dangerous ski run around, and it turns out the kid can't ski at all!

SMC 117: Get A Clue, Dude! TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, May 25 9|8cAM

Radley almost destroys his reputation after he gets jealous of Jones' detecting abilities, finally partnering up with Jones in the end to solve a sticky situation: a rogue Starty!

SMC 118: To Herring Is Human TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, May 25 9:30|8:30cAM

Something's fishy in Stockholm, as the SMC ends up getting caught in the middle of a Swedish herring war!

SMC 119: Goooaaalllll! TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC kids, who try to save the local soccer team from being sold, get help from Warren's buddy: soccer superstar David Beckham.

SMC 120: The Fashion Bot Fiasco TV-Y7 (30 min)

Radley is desperate to win the Science Fair but fails until he finds the perfect partner.

SMC 121: Sing Between The Lines TV-Y7 (30 min)

While helping Kelly Rowland audition kids for her new school of performing arts, the SMC must track down a fantastic young singer who flees in a Cinderella-esque manner after winning the first round of the audition. When they finally find her, it turns out she's quit school and doesn't want to go back!

SMC 122: The Gift TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC Kids visit an African village with a challenge from Bill Gates to be inventive and problem solve the lack of electricity so the locals can take advantage of computers and the internet “ or just be able to read a book at night. In their efforts, the kids learn the true value of giving.

SMC 123: Far Out Future TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC travels to the future to help save the world's first Time Machine Company but they find they may not even have time to save themselves!

SMC 124: For Pete's Pets Sake TV-Y7 (30 min)

When puppies who have escaped from a local pet shop suddenly show up on the doorstep of the SMC headquarters, the kids help the overwhelmed pet shop owner regain control of his business, and in the process also help a disabled reporter discover the value of adding a dog to her life.

SMC 125: Big Things Come In Micro Packages TV-Y7 (30 min)

The SMC must fight for Girl Empowerment when they're in Africa with Oprah Winfrey and aid a struggling all-woman family banana business the banks won't give a loan to because there's no "man of the house" around.

SMC 126: Camp Big Foot TV-Y7 (30 min)

At Camp Big Foot, the SMC Kids and TWIN COUNSELORS search for BIG FOOT to raise money for the camp, only to get trapped on an island with two counselors that won't stop squabbling -- and what about Big Foot?!