Episode Guide

201: The Extra Mile TV-14+DL (60 min)

Wed, Mar 6 1|12cAM

The owner of a car racing team, Emilia Mantella, hires Shade and Angie to investigate threats against her business, and her driver. Meanwhile, Angie and Shade buckle up for a bumpy ride as they adapt to their new roles as full and equal partners.

202: Boardwalk Empire TV-14+L (60 min)

Wed, Mar 6 2|1cAM

The tenacious Zoe Chow hires Shade and Angie to find out who has broken into her apartment in the Beach. It looks like their client may be imagining things “ until they uncover a real-life conspiracy to tear down Zoe's eightplex and replace it with a massive condo tower.

203: The Frame Job TV-14+DL (60 min)

Wed, Mar 13 12|11cAM

When Principal Frame's most beloved teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student, Shade and Angie are hired to investigate the scandal, uncovering that its origin is linked to an exclusive student club.

204: Crimes Of Fashion TV-14+L (60 min)

Wed, Mar 13 1|12cAM

Fashion designer Carla Costa hires Shade and Angie to guard her new collection, but the gig goes sideways when it's stolen days before her career-defining show.

205: Now You See Her... TV-14+LV (60 min)

Wed, Mar 13 2|1cAM

A brilliant orchestra conductor hires Shade and Angie to find his missing fiancée. But there's a catch “ she died 3 years ago. On the trail of a ghost, Shade and Angie unearth a dark secret with fatal implications for everyone involved.

206: The P.i. Code TV-14+DLS (60 min)

Wed, Mar 20 12|11cAM

Shade and Angie are hired by a stunning lawyer, Melanie Parker, to look into jury-tampering in the high-profile murder case she's prosecuting. During their investigation, they stumble upon a rival PI, Norm Glinski (guest star William Shatner), working the opposite side of the bench. With the odds stacked against them, our PIs find evidence that may put the entire case, and their careers, in jeopardy.

207: Between A Doc And A Hard Place TV-14+LV (60 min)

Wed, Mar 20 1|12cAM

After a series of break-ins, Angie and Shade are hired to find out who's targeting a pro bono medical clinic in Danforth Village. Their first surprising discovery? The clinic's Dr. Ken Graham also happens to be Angie's ex-fiancé! Despite his blossoming relationship with lawyer Mel, Shade is laser focused on proving that the handsome, humanitarian, multi-lingual, guitar-playing, motorcycle-riding Dr. Ken isn't all he's cracked up to be. But even he isn't ready for the surprise he discovers¦

208: Six Feet Blunder TV-14+L (60 min)

Wed, Mar 20 2|1cAM

When a panicked mortician hires Shade and Angie to track down a missing body, they find themselves crashing funeral services around the city, eventually unearthing a family plot to bury millions of dollars of a controversial inheritance. Meanwhile, Jules' impending birthday gives Shade a chance to show off his party-planning skills, but he still has one problem¦figuring out the right time to invite significant others to family affairs.

209: The Good Soldier TV-14+DV (60 min)

Wed, Mar 27 12|11cAM

Shade and Angie are called to fall in line and salute as they investigate an Army Cadet who has been reported missing. But the case goes AWOL as they discover a dark secret shared among the missing soldier and his two friends. Meanwhile, when Angie discovers Ken is still holding onto the engagement ring from years ago, past emotions of doubt and anxiety rush back, tempting her to cut and run all over again.

210: Kissing The Canvas TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Wed, Mar 27 1|12cAM

After being hired by a boxer to prove a fight was fixed, Shade's sucker-punched when he meets the boxer's manager: none other than his ex-manager who made off with all of Shade's money! Angie brings in her mother Nora as a gambling advisor to help crack the case, hopefully before their client gets the knockout of her life.

211: Long Live The King TV-14+DLV (60 min) New

Tonight 9|8cPM

Shade and Angie are hired by the "King from Medieval Times after he believes he's been poisoned. Initially doubtful of the King's story “ and weary of his refusal to break character “they soon get onside once they go undercover and see just how cutthroat the Middle Ages can be.

212: Getaway With Murder TV-14+DLV (60 min) New

Sun, Feb 24 9|8cPM

Shade and Angie are hired by the owner of a luxurious rustic lodge to investigate an infidelity case. Thinking it'll be a breeze and a good opportunity for a mini-vacation, they invite Ken and Mel along to join them. But when their client ends up dead and the local sheriff proves to be out of his depth, they ditch their dates to solve the case “ ultimately leaving them out in the cold.