Episode Guide

401: The Long Way Down Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

To take down a corrupt financier, the LEVERAGE team must recover lost evidence high up on a mountain, racing hired guns and killer weather.

402: The 10 Li’l Grifters Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When the mark is killed suddenly in the middle of a sting, the team must scramble to complete the con and find the killer… before Nate goes down for murder.

403: The 15 Minutes Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

To take down a corrupt PR consultant, the LEVERAGE team must build him up as a hero, then use his own methods against him.

404: The Van Gogh Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

On the trail of a lost Van Gogh, the team learns the painting was the center of a World War II love story between a black soldier and the white heiress he was forced to leave behind.

405: The Hot Potato Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

The LEVERAGE team infiltrates the corrupt world of corporate agriculture to recover a stolen object worth millions: a one-of-a-kind potato.

406: The Carnival Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

The LEVERAGE team infiltrates a high-tech home to steal a revolutionary computer chip, only to have the family’s child abducted from a carnival during the heist.

407: The Grave Danger Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

The LEVERAGE crew aims their sights on a charming funeral director who embezzles money from her grieving mourners, then discovers she is also selling the identities of the recently deceased to a deadly Mexican drug cartel.

408: The Boiler Room Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When the LEVERAGE team goes up against a conman from a long lineage of greats, they must pull off the biggest con of their careers.

409: The Cross My Heart Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When an ailing defense contractor steals a heart on its way to a 15-year-old recipient, the team races against the clock to recover it in time... all while stuck at an airport layover.

410: The Queen’s Gambit Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

Sterling convinces LEVERAGE to steal a nuclear reactor calibration weight from a high-tech skyscraper in Dubai during an international chess tournament.

411: The Experimental Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

When a James-Bond-like thief targets Parker's friend Peggy, Parker recruits Sophie and Tara to help her and, together, the women of Leverage follow the thief to the Venezuelan Consulate, where they discover an international conspiracy.

412: The Office Job TV-14+L (60 min)

Nate, Eliot and Hardison are forced to intervene when Hurley returns, embroiled with the best of intentions in a three–way drug deal.

413: The Girls' Night Out Job TV-14+L (60 min)

Uncovering a simple embezzlement scam becomes anything but simple when the team becomes part of a documentary shooting at the company they’re trying to save.

414: The Boys' Night Out Job TV-14+L (60 min)

When homeless veterans in the Boston area begin disappearing, the team must go back to college and infiltrate the world of Skull & Bones secret societies.

415: The Lonely Hearts Job TV-PG+LV (60 min)

While searching for a philanthropist’s missing wife, the team comes up against a grifter ring running a web of sophisticated “Sweetheart Scams”. Now, Nate must learn how to steal hearts… or risk losing Sophie’s for good.

416: The Gold Job TV-PG+L (60 min)

The Leverage team hits the recession-driven Cash-for-Gold industry by targeting a corrupt brother-sister team and steering them through an elaborate treasure hunt.

417: The Radio Job TV-PG+V (60 min)

When Latimer hires Nate's father to pull off a heist in an ultra-secure government office, the Leverage team must stage a fake hostage stand-off when they're trapped inside and the feds lay siege to the building.

418: The Last Dam Job TV-PG+V (60 min)

The LEVERAGE team must recruit old friends and rivals in order to take down Latimer and a foe from their past.