Criminal Minds

EP 922: Fatal

After the BAU learns of two victims who died of arsenic poisoning after receiving handwritten death threats, a third victim is found with twine placed on his chest. Investigating the previous crime scenes reveals twine placed in different ways. Before they can save another woman from the same fate, the UnSub strangles her with twine. Reid suspects the twine relates to Greek mythology in which one's destiny is in the hands of the Three Fates. When the team discovers that one of the victims visited a coffee shop located in the vicinity of the other victims' homes, they look at surveillance footage to uncover that all four of them were in line at the same time. They ascertain that the UnSub chose their fates in response to bad news he received recently. Cross-checking patients at a nearby medical center with the time the victims were in line leads them to William Harding, a shipyard worker who was diagnosed with cancer that day and felt fate was working against him. Harding decided to bestow a similar fate upon

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