Criminal Minds

EP 921: What Happens In Mecklinberg

The BAU is alerted to three abductions in Mecklinburg, Tennessee by an UnSub wearing a pig mask. Since two of the victims have ties to Mecklinburg State's football team, the team looks into the school's history to find that pig masks were worn by the Beta Sigma Delta fraternity. The fraternity was shut down after a pledge drunkenly fell from a building and died at a party one year ago. After one of the victims, Trevor, turns up having been sodomized and forced to drink acid, the team suspects the UnSub is taking revenge upon those responsible for the pledge's death. However, their theory changes when an attendee from the party reveals that two upperclassmen brought a girl down to the basement that night. They discover that a girl from the party, Lauryn, has been in a coma from a heart attack and brain damage caused by hypothermia and alcohol poisoning. Her sister, Sheila, recently signed the paperwork to disconnect life support. Evidence from Sheila's apartment leads to the discovery that Lauryn had rough sex

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