Criminal Minds

EP 920: Blood Relations

The BAU is alerted to the death of two victims who were out hunting in a backwoods community. Researching the victims reveals that their families, the Lees and the Howards, were at odds. Their feud stemmed from the two families competing against each other in the moonshine business and now in the concocting and selling of bio-fuel. When Cissy, one of the members of the Howard family, goes missing, the team looks into her past to uncover that she was born into the Lee family. She and her brother Malachi were romantically involved and kept their baby a secret from the family by pretending she had run away. An Appalachian woman was the only witness to their secret and offered to help Cissy after she was abandoned by Malachi. Without money and resources, Cissy took the woman's help in exchange for her baby and later married into the Howard family. The team puts the pieces together to determine the child grew up to be the UnSub now out for revenge against his biological mother. After battling through a booby-trapp

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