Criminal Minds

EP 909: Strange Fruit

When two human skeletons are found in the backyard of an African American family, the BAU heads to Virginia to investigate. The medical examiner determines the victims were women whose genitalia were mutilated before being killed ten years ago. The volatile behavior of the Johnsons' son Lyle makes him the BAU's prime suspect, and their theory is supported when one of the victims is identified as Mary Ann Beck, Lyle's former high school classmate. When they find pictures of Lyle with the victim, he breaks down and admits to killing both victims, but the team suspects it was a false confession after a third skeleton belonging to a man killed 35 years ago is found under the Johnsons' shed. Shortly after, another skeleton found in the backyard is identified as a friend of Mary Ann's father Karl, and both men belonged to a Klan chapter in the sixties. The team discovers the second female victim is the daughter of another member of the same chapter and that Karl had a half-sister, Audrey, who also attende

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