Criminal Minds

EP 1222: Red Light

Reid finds himself back in prison but this time it's to sit across from Cat Adams, who has been in maximum security for the past year. Cat explains that she teamed up with Lindsay as revenge for Reid tricking her into getting arrested. As their tete a tete plays out, the team profiles similarities and differences between Cat and Lindsay to predict where Diana might be held. Meanwhile, Reid figures out that Cat is pregnant. Cat tries (unsuccessfully) to convince him he's the father. But Reid knows that the real father has to be a prison guard; she hasn't had contact with anyone else over the past year. As Garcia looks at guard employee records, she notices that Guard Wilkins, who was vicious to Reid while he was in prison, worked at Cat's prison before being transferred. He's been the secret partner in this plan all along! The team homes in on Wilkins' location, but not before Lindsay kills him in order to set up shop at his house. The BAU saves the day before Lindsay can kill Diana. Reid leaves a

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