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Criminal Minds

EP 1212: A Good Husband

Our UnSub pulls on a jacket, kisses his husband, Bill, good night and heads out to work at his night job as a DJ at a gay bar. At the end of the night, he strikes up a conversation with one of the last customers to leave. He offers the guy a ride home, and we realize he is the UnSub as he drives off down a deserted road. The next day the torso of a male victim is discovered in a ditch along the same lonely road. This is the third time this year, and the 10th time in the last five, that a torso with no distinguishing marks has been discovered. The UnSub goes home, showers and gets into bed with his blissfully sleeping husband, BillĀ¦ just like B.T.K. did. It turns out the UnSub learned early on that he gets a power surge when he causes fear and suffering in others. At age 10, he beat a yapping neighbor's dog to death with a bat, and he's only gotten worse since then. The UnSub was originally attracted to Bill because, on their first date, he got that same power surge when they discussed Bill's fear abou

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