Criminal Minds

EP 1207: Mirror Image

Hotch is in the park with Jack when a stranger sits down next to him. To Hotch's shock, the stranger identifies him as Sean Hotchner, his brother. The stranger isn't a threat, but Hotch brings him into the BAU for questioning. To Hotch's shock, the stranger knows everything about the two of them. From the stormy relationship that ended with Hotch having Sean arrested in Season Nine... to uncomfortable details about their father's abuse when they were growing up. When the stranger trips up on a personal detail (giving his own instead of Sean's), Garcia follows the bread crumbs to his real identity. The stranger suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder -- and the horrifying truth snaps into focus for the team. This is Phase Two of Mr. Scratch's plan: not to program his victims into killers, but to psychologically mess with our team. And the only way Mr. Scratch could have found out so much about Sean is if he kidnapped him. Now Hotch and the team have to race to deprogram the stranger to learn Sean's whereab

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