Episode Guide

901A: The Inspiration, Part 1 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

After two young females are found shot in the heart and placed in a prayer position in different parks in Phoenix, Arizona, the team speculates whether the UnSub's ritualistic behavior is rooted in religion. Additional victims soon meet the same fate, and when the team discovers that the victims were all subjected to projected cannibalism, the ME reports reveal that the human remains found in them all belong to the same individual. A DNA match of the remains to Heather Clarke leads them to a restraining order Heather had filed against Wallace Hines, a mentally unstable ex-boyfriend from her past. Reid determines that the evidence and prayer position point to Wallace's obsession with the female praying mantis. By forcing his victims to consume pieces of Heather's head much like how a praying mantis treats her male prey, they ascertain that Wallace believes women are predators to be punished for wronging him. A chase ensues and they capture Wallace and bring him into custody. However, we soon discover thr

902B: The Inspired, Part 2 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Picking up from episode 901, the team is forced to release Wallace's twin brother Jesse from custody. They discover that Wallace and Jesse had no contact after the age of three and suspect Jesse to have his own agenda. Jesse confronts Wallace and convinces him to team up to continue his method of killing victims. After tracking down the twins' mother Carla, Hotch questions her to learn that she made the choice to give Jesse up for adoption as the struggles of bringing up twins was too much for her to handle. Looking into Carla's records leads the team to the law firm where she had set up a trust for Jesse and his father Bill. They put together the pieces to figure out that Carla had been manipulating Jesse and plotted to have him kill Wallace. Convinced his mother was ready to start over with the right family nucleus, Jesse had planned to kill Wallace at a church Carla knew Wallace would feel safest in. Jesse shocks Carla by deciding he is more aligned with Wallace's true nature and is poised to kill

903: Final Shot TV-14+LV (60 min)

When the BAU is alerted to a mass shooting by a sniper in Dallas, at first they suspect the shooting may be tied to the anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. A string of recent violent activity by white supremacists in Texas causes the team to suspect the Southern Aryans group next. The UnSub strikes again when he shoots and kills three victims at a gas station, and further analysis of his specific but seemingly random targeting hints at the use of arbitrary victims as forensic countermeasure. After speculating that the third victim in the first shooting was likely the intended target, the team digs into her records to learn that she had texted the name of a victim at the gas station shooting, Rebecca, to a prepaid cellphone. Both victims worked at the same women's shelter, and Rebecca had recently helped a woman named Maya who had left her abusive husband, a VP of a quasi-military security firm. The team is able to track down Maya's husband, but he is hit by a bus while attempting to run away. They

904: To Bear Witness TV-14+V (60 min)

An unidentified young man collapses in the streets of Baltimore and the BAU discover that someone has performed a lobotomy on him. When Morgan visits the John Doe in the hospital, he realizes that the lobotomy has left him paralyzed, unable to communicate details of his capture. Using a system of blinking and alphabet boards, they learn his name is Sam and glean that the UnSub has kidnapped a woman close to Sam. Following the discovery that the UnSub has implanted a camera in Sam's eye, they attempt to communicate with the UnSub only to find that the torture of his female victim is being broadcast online to the world through a camera in her eye. The team's research into Sam's life as a student at Johns Hopkins leads to the identity of the female victim, his girlfriend Dana who is a German medical student at the college. They learn of her troubled older brother, Anton, and his need for attention from their parents who had treated Dana as the golden child and sent Anton away to various boarding school

905: Route 66 TV-14+LV (60 min)

When sixteen year old Samantha Wilcox is abducted, the BAU suspects her estranged father, ex-con Eddie Lee Wilcox, is responsible for the kidnapping. Garcia uncovers evidence of communication between Samantha and her father detailing Samantha's frustration with her mother and desire to leave her small town. As Eddie's criminal history evolves from robbery and car theft to sociopathic killing sprees, the team believes his goal to escape is fueled by his desperation and desire to finally have a healthy relationship with his daughter. Eddie begins to unravel and it becomes clear that Samantha is unaware of Eddie's dark past. After the team discovers that Eddie's father committed suicide when he was a child and never followed through on his plan to take Eddie on a road trip via Route 66, they are able to track down Eddie and Samantha at the end of the same route in Santa Monica. Put in a corner, Eddie takes Samantha hostage, but JJ is able to talk him down and convinces him to release her. Meanwhile, Hotc

906: In The Blood TV-14+LV (60 min)

After a young woman dressed in a ceremonial gown is found tortured and crushed beneath rocks in the Rocky Canyon, the BAU believes she is a victim of a ritualistic killing. They dig into the victim's past to learn she belonged to a utopia-type sect in town before leaving to live with her boyfriend. Canvassing the canyon leads to the remains of a second female victim. Shortly afterward, the team finds a male sexual deviant hung to death, with similar injuries as the first two victims as well as a branding on his neck. JJ notices the UnSub's tendency to remove items from the modern era from his victims and Reid analyzes the branding to identify the mark as the seal of William Stoughton, the lead prosecutor in the Salem witch trials. They determine the UnSub is emulating the execution methods used in the trials and cross-reference Stoughton's lineage with library volunteers as both of the female victims had recently frequented the library. Their search leads to Leland Duncan and his fixation with a book de

907: Gatekeeper TV-14+DLV (60 min)

After three men are killed by garrotte strangulation, the BAU notes the UnSub's pattern of stealing his victims' wallets and cutting pieces of hair off each of them. The UnSub strikes again by strangling a teenage boy playing a video game late at night with his friend. Recovering the phone of one of the initial victims helps them locate the number of a young woman, Ashley, who the victim spent the night with before he was killed. Before they can question her, she is found dead in an alley as the UnSub was forced to kill her when she stumbled upon his lair, unbeknownst to the team. The match of Ashley's address to the teenage boy's friend leads to the discovery that the common thread among the victims is their interaction with people who all lived in the same building. The UnSub targeted them for being bad influences and perceived himself as a protector. When they investigate the apartment building to find evidence pointing to the night attendant, Tanner, they learn he had a son who was inadvertently k

908: The Return TV-14+LV (60 min)

The BAU is called in when 16 year old Gavin Rossler, considered missing for four years, resurfaces to shoot and kill three people in a diner before being taken down by a police officer who was dining there. The team learns Gavin had a getaway driver who left the scene without waiting for him to enter the diner. The team identifies the getaway driver as another missing male teen and just as they hone in on his location, he ignites a car bomb which kills a traffic cop. Evidence of torture on Gavin's body consistent with that of past abducted teen boys leads them to believe an UnSub is kidnapping and training adolescents from broken homes to carry out his agenda. JJ convinces the mother of one of the abducted boys to beg for her son Daniel's return on the radio, which results in Daniel calling her back only to abruptly hang up. The team manages to trace the call and intercept the park bombing he was about to carry out. They analyze the victimology again to ascertain that the kidnapped teens were targeting me

909: Strange Fruit TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When two human skeletons are found in the backyard of an African American family, the BAU heads to Virginia to investigate. The medical examiner determines the victims were women whose genitalia were mutilated before being killed ten years ago. The volatile behavior of the Johnsons' son Lyle makes him the BAU's prime suspect, and their theory is supported when one of the victims is identified as Mary Ann Beck, Lyle's former high school classmate. When they find pictures of Lyle with the victim, he breaks down and admits to killing both victims, but the team suspects it was a false confession after a third skeleton belonging to a man killed 35 years ago is found under the Johnsons' shed. Shortly after, another skeleton found in the backyard is identified as a friend of Mary Ann's father Karl, and both men belonged to a Klan chapter in the sixties. The team discovers the second female victim is the daughter of another member of the same chapter and that Karl had a half-sister, Audrey, who also attende

910: The Caller TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Following a series of apparent prank calls from a young child to Malcolm and Lida Taffert, the couple's son Andy is kidnapped soon after. Reid connects the kidnapping to a cold case in which a young boy, Frankie, was abducted and killed following a string of similar calls. When the voice from the cold case matches the voice from the calls the Tafferts received, the BAU determines they are dealing with the same UnSub who is using a recording. They soon find Andy dead in the woods, having been killed mere hours after his abduction. A faint voice of a woman speaking Portuguese on the recording leads them to speculate the involvement of foreign prostitutes and they track down a woman who admits she was paid to engage in acts of S&M with an American man and his Eastern European wife. The UnSub's pattern diverges when he abducts Lida, and the team realizes the link between she and Frankie's mother Nadia is their Eastern European heritage. As Nadia had committed suicide, the team searches for other Eastern Eur

911: Bully TV-14+LV (60 min)

When Blake receives a call from her father, a retired detective, informing her of a possible serial killer who has struck again in Kansas City, the BAU investigates the link between the recently murdered triathlete and two high school teenagers who were also beaten and killed a year ago. Scott, Blake's younger brother and a KCPD detective, butts heads with his sister and father as he believes the two cases are unrelated, but it comes to light that each victim had been found wearing only women's underwear. The UnSub strikes again by killing a couple whose daughter Laurie attended the same high school as the two slain teens. The triathlete had also been a substitute teacher at the school. After they discover that a fellow student named Riley died in a possible suicide, Scott questions another former student, Charles, about Riley's death and is attacked by the UnSub lurking in Charles' home. Scott is rushed to the hospital and the team finds Charles dead. After they question Laurie about Riley, she revea

912: The Black Queen TV-14+DV (60 min)

When the Department of Justice's website is hacked by Star Chamber, a hacker collective attempting to assert the innocence of their fellow member and death row inmate Sam Russell, the BAU delves into the murder case in which he was convicted of killing eight prostitutes. They question Sam in prison and he claims that the arresting officer fed him drugs to get him to confess to the crime. Sam's innocence seems more likely after the team is alerted to more prostitutes killed in a similar fashion as the previous eight. Garcia notes that the hacker of the website asked to meet with "The Black Queen, her former alias, and she realizes they are dealing with her old hacking mentor, Shane. She meets with Shane who confirms he took Sam's case file and refuses to return it until she gives him the BAU's profile of the killer in exchange for the file. The case file annotated by the Star Chamber leads them to the discovery that Sam's former hacking partner is also his killing partner and a member of the col

913: The Road Home TV-14+LV (60 min)

The team heads to Cleveland in the wake of same-day shootings that have left four dead in three separate locations. Initially thinking they are dealing with a spree killer, the BAU determines that the UnSub's kills are rooted in vigilantism as his victims had extensive criminal backgrounds. After several more victims are murdered, the team uses witness accounts and surveillance footage to link the UnSub's car to Clifford Walsh, a man who lost his wife and teenage son in a home invasion robbery ten years ago. The tragic event sent Walsh on a downward spiral of alcoholism and isolation. The team learns that the perpetrator, Howard Clark, was killed in a prison fight shortly before his scheduled release. Clark's murder triggered Walsh to start killing since he wasn't able to exact his revenge on Clark himself. When they find Walsh's SUV filled with memorabilia of his late wife, but no mementos of his son Teddy, they look into Teddy's troubled past and discover he was friends with Clark. Teddy helped

914: 200 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

After the BAU learns of JJ's kidnapping, they discover that Cruz has also been abducted and delve into the files of a classified assignment she and Cruz worked on at the State Department in 2010. The team uncovers details of "INTEGRITY, the covert database born out of the operation to find Osama bin Laden. They determine JJ and Cruz were captured as they were part of the task force with knowledge of the database access codes. Under Secretary Jackson reveals that task force translator Tivon Askari is the perpetrator. Fearing another government scandal, Jackson bans the BAU from the investigation and Hotch retaliates by invoking the help of Emily Prentiss at Interpol. Meanwhile, at the interrogation cell, JJ is tortured by Askari and we see in flashback that she had suspected someone in the task force had been a double agent. JJ had bluffed about an impending interrogation of task force members which led to a Humvee attack allowing Askari to escape but reveal himself as the traitor in the process. Specia

915: Mr. & Mrs. Anderson TV-14+DLV (60 min)

After two female hitchhikers are found strangled to death, each wrapped in a shower curtain, the BAU is called in to investigate. The team traces the shower curtain to a motel room in which they find a used condom and ascertain that the perpetrators were a team of lovers since neither victim was sexually abused. Their profiling leads them to conclude the UnSubs are using murder as their foreplay and also match their M.O. to ten other strangulation murders in the past with a dormant period in between. JJ suspects the perpetrators are married, and after the couple's next victim turns out to be male, they believe the male UnSub compromised in allowing the female UnSub to choose a male victim. The team strategizes to drive a wedge between the couple's partnership by researching past murders which could have been committed by the male UnSub alone. They find that several women were stabbed and sexual assaulted by the same perpetrator, with one lone survivor among them. JJ helps the woman recall the male UnSub

916: Gabby TV-14+DLV (60 min)

When four-year-old Gabby is left alone in her aunt Sue's car and subsequently abducted at a gas station, the BAU races against time to find her. Initially they suspect Gabby's estranged father Doug is the kidnapper given the custody battle for her and his drug issues. A witness account of a dark van pulling up to Sue's car fits the description of a van belonging to Doug's drug dealer Ian. Recent burn wounds on Ian's face implicate him in Doug's death as Doug's severely burned body is found in a nearby lake. Ian confesses to getting rid of the body and gives up Sue as Doug's killer. Hotch provokes Sue into admitting to the murder and kidnapping, but she refuses to reveal Gabby's location. Sue's intent was to punish Gabby's mother Kate as she was always jealous and resentful of her. The team tracks Sue's internet activity to find she had given Gabby away via an underground adoption website. They trace the responses to Sue's posting to find that Gabby has been traded among the unscrupul

917: Persuasion TV-14+LV (60 min)

When the bodies of two females are found in the desert outside of Las Vegas, the BAU is surprised to learn drowning is the cause of death. After the discovery of another victim, Reid notes the same cryptic message left at the two crime scenes is a hobo code used as a threat against stealing. The M.E. report reveals the victims' lungs were filled with water contaminated by ground pollutants which leads our team to the underground flood control tunnels beneath the city. They uncover a large homeless community inhabiting the tunnels and discover that all three victims lived there. The team quickly hones in on a delusional ex-con named Cesar who claims to be acting upon orders from "The Doctor. Reid is able to decipher Cesar's thought process to determine the Doctor is Marvin Caul, a low-level entertainer out to exploit the homeless population for financial gain. The homeless paid him to stay in the tunnels, and he manipulated some of the dwellers to kill those who stole from him or left his network. Mar

918: Rabid TV-14+LV (60 min)

When a grave with three unidentified bodies is found in a forest preserve, the BAU is called in to investigate. The victims are covered in bite marks and show evidence of being held captive before they were killed. The M.E. report reveals two of the victims suffered from both animal and human bite marks. Reid suspects the UnSub infected them with the Rabies virus via the first victim, an animal control employee who was the only one not bitten by a human. Their profile of the UnSub notes his obsession with Rabies and watching his victims suffer from the virus. As two more locals are reported missing, Garcia uncovers a report from fifteen years ago of a nine year old boy, Hunter, who was bitten by a bat on a family camping trip. They hone in on his older brother David, a pest control employee, and raid his house to find tape recordings of Hunter suffering in the hospital. The absence of Hunter's death certificate leads them to believe his parents euthanized him to put him out his misery. After the team is ale

919: The Edge Of Winter TV-14+DLV (60 min)

After the BAU closes a case, Morgan visits one of the survivors, Daria, at a mental institution for answers to complete his report of the investigation. In a series of flashbacks, we see that the team was called to Upstate New York after three victims are found stabbed to death and displayed in various locations. JJ determines they are looking for a pair of UnSubs and Reid analyzes the wounds to find the same meticulous pattern on each body, all created by an ice pick. When Daria manages to escape her captor and is found in an amnesic state, the team has difficulty questioning her. A break in the case occurs when Daria's sister comes forward to reveal the partial license plate of the man last seen with Daria. They identify the man as Joe Bachner and learn he had an alcoholic aunt who tortured him with bee stings as a child. Joe's M.O. mirrored his childhood suffering. Daria remembers the name of the other UnSub, Coby, but the OCD nature of the crimes does not match his behavior. The team locates Joe's h

920: Blood Relations TV-14+DLV (60 min)

The BAU is alerted to the death of two victims who were out hunting in a backwoods community. Researching the victims reveals that their families, the Lees and the Howards, were at odds. Their feud stemmed from the two families competing against each other in the moonshine business and now in the concocting and selling of bio-fuel. When Cissy, one of the members of the Howard family, goes missing, the team looks into her past to uncover that she was born into the Lee family. She and her brother Malachi were romantically involved and kept their baby a secret from the family by pretending she had run away. An Appalachian woman was the only witness to their secret and offered to help Cissy after she was abandoned by Malachi. Without money and resources, Cissy took the woman's help in exchange for her baby and later married into the Howard family. The team puts the pieces together to determine the child grew up to be the UnSub now out for revenge against his biological mother. After battling through a booby-trapp

921: What Happens In Mecklinberg TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

The BAU is alerted to three abductions in Mecklinburg, Tennessee by an UnSub wearing a pig mask. Since two of the victims have ties to Mecklinburg State's football team, the team looks into the school's history to find that pig masks were worn by the Beta Sigma Delta fraternity. The fraternity was shut down after a pledge drunkenly fell from a building and died at a party one year ago. After one of the victims, Trevor, turns up having been sodomized and forced to drink acid, the team suspects the UnSub is taking revenge upon those responsible for the pledge's death. However, their theory changes when an attendee from the party reveals that two upperclassmen brought a girl down to the basement that night. They discover that a girl from the party, Lauryn, has been in a coma from a heart attack and brain damage caused by hypothermia and alcohol poisoning. Her sister, Sheila, recently signed the paperwork to disconnect life support. Evidence from Sheila's apartment leads to the discovery that Lauryn had rough sex

922: Fatal TV-14+LV (60 min)

After the BAU learns of two victims who died of arsenic poisoning after receiving handwritten death threats, a third victim is found with twine placed on his chest. Investigating the previous crime scenes reveals twine placed in different ways. Before they can save another woman from the same fate, the UnSub strangles her with twine. Reid suspects the twine relates to Greek mythology in which one's destiny is in the hands of the Three Fates. When the team discovers that one of the victims visited a coffee shop located in the vicinity of the other victims' homes, they look at surveillance footage to uncover that all four of them were in line at the same time. They ascertain that the UnSub chose their fates in response to bad news he received recently. Cross-checking patients at a nearby medical center with the time the victims were in line leads them to William Harding, a shipyard worker who was diagnosed with cancer that day and felt fate was working against him. Harding decided to bestow a similar fate upon

923A: Angels, Part 1 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

The BAU is called to Texas to consult on the murder of two prostitutes and a john, each tortured and shot in the head. Preacher Mills from the local church comes forward to reveal that the john was actually a male prostitute and Blake suspects he engaged in consensual S&M before he was shot. After another prostitute, Tabitha, is found murdered and tied to a tree with slashes on her back, they suspect her death was a symbolic killing. Reid believes the lavender on her legs suggests religious implications of cleansing. Initially Mills is their prime suspect as they uncover evidence he was involved in sex trafficking and previously cut one of his employees. However, considering the prostitutes are his revenue stream, their theory switches to an UnSub who is framing Mills. The team tries to track down Mills in hopes that he will lead them to the real killer. When they locate Mills, he opens fire under the belief that he is their target. In the shootout, the local Sheriff is killed and Morgan and Reid both take a

924B: Demons, Part 2 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Picking up from the previous episode, JJ and a wounded Morgan take down Preacher Mills while Reid is rushed into surgery. The team discovers that three bodies at the crime scene were potential witnesses killed elsewhere and staged to look like victims in the shootout. When they question the only surviving prostitute, Dinah, they learn that local police officers are holding her in custody having pinned the murders on her. Garcia discovers that one of the victims was a C.I. for a decorated deputy named Owen McGregor. Given that Owen was the one who arrested Dinah, they suspect a law enforcement cover-up at work with Owen as the ringleader. Rossi and Blake survive another shootout when they are targeted by two of Owen's deputies. In order to convince Dinah to cooperate, Rossi and Blake transport her mother and son to a safe house. Dinah directs them to a junkyard where Owen conducts his drug and weapons dealing along with human trafficking. The team apprehends Owen and his cohorts at the junkyard and frees the