Episode Guide

1201: The Crimson King TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 12 3|2cPM

The team welcomes Agent Ray Vasquez from the Fugitive Task Force to the team to help them capture one of the escaped killers from last season, the Crimson King. Evidence on the latest victim, a survivor named Brian, indicates that the Crimson King may have teamed up with Hotch's nemesis, Mr. Scratch. As the team digs into Brian's past and why he was a target, they discover that Brian was treated for Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka multiple personalities). They realize too late that Brian wasn't a victim of the Crimson King -- he's been manipulated through drugs and his own highly suggestible mental disorder to believe that he is the Crimson King. Brian escapes with a list of other patients with DID to Mr. Scratch. The team is able to save Brian before he can harm himself or anyone else, but Mr. Scratch escapes. Vasquez stays on with the BAU, because he knows that Mr. Scratch is still out there trying to find other unsuspecting men and women he can plant identities into... presumably so they will all kill

1202: Sick Day TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 12 4|3cPM

JJ comes home very late one night especially shaken from a particularly rough case, only to discover her youngest has the croup. While she and Will parent and care-give, Will notices the painful residue of the case in JJ's eyes. He knows immediately -- it was a case involving kids wasn't it? We learn that JJ and Will have a deal: No holding it in -- ever. If one of them deals with something especially tragic, painful, whatever -- no holding it in. And so while they attempt to soothe their child, JJ tells Will about the case. It's a child abductor who kidnapped a brother and sister to playout a childhood trauma. The last terrible secret Will uncovers as JJ tells the story is that the UnSub forced her into a Sophie's Choice, and the sister dies in her arms.

1203: Taboo TV-14+DLSV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 12 5|4cPM

When the bodies of three women are discovered in barrels filled with cement, the team looks for the common thread. All three victims are single mothers with one son. Alvez and Prentiss profile each other while on a stake out and they learn they have some things in common. After interviewing one of the kids, the team gets a lead on the Unsub who had worked on the housing units of all three victims. The team uncovers the UnSub began killing later in life after finding out his "sister was really his mother whom he was sexually attracted to. The woman he believed to be his adopted mother, was his grandmother, who he kidnaps and tortures. Prentiss and Alvez solve the case in time and rescue the grandmother and arrest the Unsub.

1204: Keeper TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 12 6|5cPM

Two Washington, D.C. beat cops are shocked to discover bags filled with human body parts in a homeless man's shopping cart. The homeless man flees, and the BAU is called in to help track him down. They learn that the body parts are actually partial remains of five different women who had gone missing over six months. Once they find him and bring him in for questioning, the clock is ticking: another young woman has gone missing in the same area as the other victims. But the man “ while giving cryptic indications that he knows where the latest victim is “ refuses to cooperate. Drifting in and out of coherency, he seems more concerned about locating the dog who ran off its leash during the initial police shakedown of his carts. But the dog leash is found to have no trace of canine DNA on it, and the team puts together the pieces together: they learn that the homeless man had been raised by abusive parents who kept him and his younger brother caged like animals, until authorities rescued them. While the young

1205: The Anti-terrorism Squad TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 12 7|6cPM

When the families of two high school students in Minnesota are killed, the BAU is called in to investigate. After reviewing the surviving students' social media, they realize the true victims are the survivors, and the motive might have revenge for bullying. The UnSub is a high school student who experienced brutal bullying and who belongs to a local secret society of bullied teens called "The Anti-Terrorism Squad. The UnSub has decided that the best way to vanquish these terrorists is to murder their entire families, leaving them alone and exposed, thereby also sending a message to other would-be terrorists. The profile tells the team he won't stop until he's avenged all his fellow Squad members, none of whom want him to. They discover the identity of the members of the group and stop the Unsub before he can harm anyone else.

1206: Elliott's Pond TV-14+LV (60 min)

Mon, Oct 14 11|10cPM

Two kids in the 1980's are bicycling home when they disappear, never to be found. Fast forward 30 years to present day, three kids ride the same path and similarly go missing. The BAU are assigned to investigate and discover the original kids that went missing were abducted by a survivalist. They are still alive today and became the abductors of the modern day kids. The team manages to find the victims and reunite them with their families.

1207: Mirror Image TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Wed, Nov 13 12|11cAM

Hotch is in the park with Jack when a stranger sits down next to him. To Hotch's shock, the stranger identifies him as Sean Hotchner, his brother. The stranger isn't a threat, but Hotch brings him into the BAU for questioning. To Hotch's shock, the stranger knows everything about the two of them. From the stormy relationship that ended with Hotch having Sean arrested in Season Nine... to uncomfortable details about their father's abuse when they were growing up. When the stranger trips up on a personal detail (giving his own instead of Sean's), Garcia follows the bread crumbs to his real identity. The stranger suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder -- and the horrifying truth snaps into focus for the team. This is Phase Two of Mr. Scratch's plan: not to program his victims into killers, but to psychologically mess with our team. And the only way Mr. Scratch could have found out so much about Sean is if he kidnapped him. Now Hotch and the team have to race to deprogram the stranger to learn Sean's whereab

1208: Scarecrow TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Wed, Nov 13 1|12cAM

The BAU heads to Galveston, Texas after the skeletal remains of two women are found in burlap bags along the coast. But soon after our Team arrives, they discover the case is much bigger -- ten more victims, some dating as far back as five years ago, are unearthed along the shoreline. How could such a prolific serial killer go undetected for so long? What is the significance of the burlap bags and burial at the beach? The Team deduces the UnSub found his victims, most of them working as escorts, through the Internet or while cruising the streets. At the time these women went missing, it was assumed they simply left the area. The Team profiles the UnSub is a moral enforcer and a self-loathing loner with no social skills who blitz attacks his victims. After regaining consciousness, the women's last image is that of the UnSub looming over them wearing a burlap hood, crudely fashioned to look like the face of a macabre scarecrow. The Team theorizes the burlap bags are a sense memory from his childhood. Growing

1209: Profiling 202 TV-14+DLV (60 min)

Tue, Oct 15 12|11cAM

While Rossi and the team conduct an advanced profiling course with current FBI agents training for the BAU, Rossi gets a call from his old serial killer nemesis, Tommy Yates ("The Womb Raider from Profiling 101). Yates was one of the escapees in the season 11 prison break and now he's on the loose. But he and Rossi had a deal: every year on Rossi's birthday, Yates gives him the name of one of his past victims and the location of where he buried her - and he has a lot of victims. And since Yates is a man of his word he wanted to tell Rossi about another victim, except this victim isn't an old kill, she's brand new. And Yates plans on filling up his kill list again. So over the course of several days, the case unfolds as Rossi and the team teach the profiling seminar. The lessons in the classroom relate to the case not only literally but also thematically and emotionally. In the end, Rossi will track down and be forced to kill Tommy Yates in order to save another victim's life. But in doing

1210: Seek & Destroy TV-14+LV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 11|10cAM

After a child abduction, the BAU travels to Columbus, Ohio where the team discovers a trafficking ring whose ground soldiers are innocent-looking, college-aged women who solicit children's books and publications door to door in an effort to gain intelligence on local kids. The team deduces that the abduction ring is neither local to Columbus nor fixed to a particular location. The traffickers create confusion by abducting a child from an area, then pulling up stakes overnight and moving across multiple states before they settle again and start over. All told, the operation spends no more than five days in a given location, centering on a charismatic UnSub, whose crew is comprised of troubled souls looking for a way off the streets. In exchange for their participation, each member of the crew is provided food and a place to live. The UnSub relies on a low-tech set-up to run his ring. As such, none of the crew is allowed phones, computers or access to social media. With no connection to the outside world, eac

1211: Surface Tension TV-14+LV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 12|11cPM

The presumed natural death of a homeless person in Alabama takes an unexpected turn when a bizarre hieroglyph is found tattooed under the man's armpit. Local police recognize this symbol as the same one found tattooed on the bodies of four prostitutes murdered in the area a few years earlier, and the BAU is called in. Initially the team is confounded in their attempts to find any further connection between the unsolved murders of the prostitutes in the past, and the present-day death of the homeless man. The earlier murders were violent, sexual and rage-fueled. The current death could almost be characterized as peaceful. All the previous victims were female. This one was male. The symbol on the prostitutes was put on their foreheads for everyone to see. The symbol on the homeless man was carefully hidden. When two more male victims are found murdered in quick succession with similar markings, the team realizes they are dealing with a killer who is shifting his M.O. and victimology in accordance wit

1212: A Good Husband TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 1|12cPM

Our UnSub pulls on a jacket, kisses his husband, Bill, good night and heads out to work at his night job as a DJ at a gay bar. At the end of the night, he strikes up a conversation with one of the last customers to leave. He offers the guy a ride home, and we realize he is the UnSub as he drives off down a deserted road. The next day the torso of a male victim is discovered in a ditch along the same lonely road. This is the third time this year, and the 10th time in the last five, that a torso with no distinguishing marks has been discovered. The UnSub goes home, showers and gets into bed with his blissfully sleeping husband, Bill¦ just like B.T.K. did. It turns out the UnSub learned early on that he gets a power surge when he causes fear and suffering in others. At age 10, he beat a yapping neighbor's dog to death with a bat, and he's only gotten worse since then. The UnSub was originally attracted to Bill because, on their first date, he got that same power surge when they discussed Bill's fear abou

1213: Spencer TV-14+LV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 2|1cPM

Reid is arrested in a border town in Mexico for purchasing a non-FDA approved drug for his mother from a holistic Doctor. The drug has been shown to help with Alzheimer's, but is not yet approved in the US, so he's arrested and our team helps extradite him (perhaps with the assistance of a member of the IRT), but he's stuck in a jail cell for the time being until this all gets sorted out. The team goes to Mexico to talk to the Doctor and finds him dead, so now Reid is being charged with murder. The episode ends with Reid unable to sleep in his cell and his fate in the hands of his BAU family.

1214: Collision Course TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Oct 15 1|12cAM

When a man mows down his girlfriend and then crashes his car into a tree, it looks like a homicide/suicide. But when similar incidents follow, the team suspects an UnSub. One surviving driver insists he lost control of his vehicle, claiming that it drove itself into a pedestrian before slamming into a wall. It was as though the car had a mind of its own, even changing the song on the radio. Although the cars in question are not the same make or model, the BAU discovers that they have one thing in common “ an infotainment system that connects to the internet. The BAU soon realizes that a sophisticated hacker is remotely murdering the drivers and pedestrians. The UnSub has never had a successful romantic relationship, although he's fantasized detailed relationships with women he's attempted to connect with on a dating website. The UnSub becomes enraged when he discovers one of the women he has fantasized about has an actual fiancé. Determined to exact revenge for the imagined betrayal, the UnSub hacks

1215: Alpha Male TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 4|3cPM

The BAU is called to Philadelphia after several young men and women are disfigured and partially blinded after acid is thrown in their faces. The Team soon learns the UnSub is a devotee of the so-called Man-o-sphere “- a real and disturbing corner of the Internet made up of blogs, forums and websites that advocate the overthrow of feminism, teach men misogynistic and degrading pick-up techniques and envision a world where women fear men. The UnSub is a self-confessed virgin or "incel, (Man-o-sphere-speak for involuntary celibate), who sees himself as a true alpha male. Like the Santa Barbara shooter and Man-o-sphere follower Elliot Rodger, he's been overlooked by women and feels he's better than the men they choose instead of him. Rebuffed by women and feeling threatened by the competition for their affections, the UnSub creates a hit list. He wants them to feel as ugly, self-loathing and unwanted as he does. When his acid attacks don't produce the response he desperately craves, he escalat

1216: Assistance Is Futile TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Tue, Oct 15 2|1cAM

We find the BAU in the middle of a tough case in New York City. The press has labelled him the "Bone Crusher since that's exactly how he kills his victims. There have been 5 so far and the team is really up against it. And then the biggest break in the case walks into the police station. A 50-year-old woman has been following the news and she's convinced the killer is her son. And with Garcia research, interviews and flashbacks we delve into this mother's past and see how the killer has evolved since childhood. The team uncovers a story about how the killer once pushed his mom off a ladder. When she fell, she broke her arm - a nasty compound fracture. All her son did was laugh and his paraphilia was born. As this poor woman deals with her guilt, the team draws ever closer. Of course she blames herself, despite the fact that she did everything she could to "fix him, her son has always been "broken. The team uncovers that she tried to fix his anti scocial personality with ecstacy

1217: In The Dark TV-14+LV (60 min)

Mon, Nov 18 6|5cPM

The BAU travels to Oregon to search for an UnSub mudering people that are poaching animals during off season with a shot straight to the heart. En route, they learn that there has been a slew of murders where the killer has broken into their homes at night and stabbed them once through the heart. The team begins to believe that don't they have two different killers, but the same person operating in the same city with two different MOs. Ultimately, they deduce that a man with somnambulism (sleep walking disorder) is killing both while awake and asleep. The team struggles to keep Reid safe while in prison, but this leads to complications with gang members taking out their agression on his friend.

1218: Hell's Kitchen TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Oct 15 11|10cPM

Malone is an urban vampire. He kidnaps his victims at night, holds them underground in the NYC sewer system, and uses an IV to access their blood to cure his allergy to sunlight. He is a paradox of an Unsub - he is kind and gentle to his victims, and tries to keep them alive as long as possible with him...until they try to escape. In the Reid story, he poisons a drug shipment to kill one of the prison thugs, not realizing that his friend Shaw would use the drugs as well and overdose.

1219: True North TV-14+LV (60 min)

Wed, Oct 16 12|11cAM

When three bodies are found tied to stakes and left to die in the Arizona desert, the team is sent to Tucson to investigate. Significant ritual was involved “ the victims (two men and a woman) wore electric shock collars and had blue nylon cloth tied around their necks like a noose. Various theories are explored. Could the murders be a form of crucifixion perpetrated by a nearby desert cult? Or perhaps the bodies were staged there by eco-terrorist to frighten away the mining company that was intending to dig in the area. But the team eventually realizes the victims were not placed on the stakes haphazardly, but were in fact human gnomons represented the hours of the day in a gruesome human sun dial. When another staked body soon turns up, the team begins to zero in on the UnSub. He turns out to be a young man of high intelligence but humble means (not unlike the Unabomber) who one year earlier lost a high school science fair contest and the crucial college scholarship that went with it. His brillian

1220: Unforgettable TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 19 12|11cAM

When a close friend of STEPHEN WALKER'S from his days in the BAP has a heart attack, Walker and his wife, MONICA, rush to the hospital to help in any way they can. On the way to the hospital, Walker recalls (in FLASHBACK) his work undercover for the BAP as the entrepreneurial and ethically ambiguous owner of a Moscow jazz club. Once at the hospital, Walker talks to his friend, who relates that he felt absolutely fine prior to his collapse. He'd been out for a jog when he felt a pinch in his lower back. Immediately after that, he collapsed. Adam's story raises red flags for Walker, who immediately requests a Geiger counter, which confirm his worst fears. Adam didn't simply have a heart attack, he was dosed with an obscure form of irradiated poison. Though Adam is essentially D.O.A., he vows to assist in finding this killer before he dies.The case becomes personal and the BAU initially believes this could be a targeted assassination. But further investigation reveals previous, similar murders of v

1221: Green Light TV-14+LV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 19 1|12cAM

Reid urgently tells Prentiss that his mother has been abducted by Lindsay, a former mob hitman's daughter. The team checks out his story and discovers that Diana is missing. As Reid struggles to stay alive against Calvin Shaw in prison, the team follows the bread crumbs to a connection between Lindsay and Mr. Scratch. The resulting exonerating evidence springs from prison just before Shaw can harm him. But when the BAU breaks down the door that should lead to Lindsay and Scratch, they get one last surprise ” inside the house is a pre-recorded message from the psychopath who's really been pulling the strings: Cat Adams. She informs the team that Diana is alive... for now. The only way Reid will get her back is if he agrees to have another "date with her.

1222: Red Light TV-14+LSV (60 min)

Tue, Nov 19 2|1cAM

Reid finds himself back in prison but this time it's to sit across from Cat Adams, who has been in maximum security for the past year. Cat explains that she teamed up with Lindsay as revenge for Reid tricking her into getting arrested. As their tete a tete plays out, the team profiles similarities and differences between Cat and Lindsay to predict where Diana might be held. Meanwhile, Reid figures out that Cat is pregnant. Cat tries (unsuccessfully) to convince him he's the father. But Reid knows that the real father has to be a prison guard; she hasn't had contact with anyone else over the past year. As Garcia looks at guard employee records, she notices that Guard Wilkins, who was vicious to Reid while he was in prison, worked at Cat's prison before being transferred. He's been the secret partner in this plan all along! The team homes in on Wilkins' location, but not before Lindsay kills him in order to set up shop at his house. The BAU saves the day before Lindsay can kill Diana. Reid leaves a