Episode Guide

ZOO 101: Wild Cats TV-PG (30 min)

Fri, Jun 29 10|9cAM

We'll sprint, leap, and roar with some wild cats. We'll also find out...which one is the biggest...which is the fastest...and if any of them, despite their fearsome reputations, purr!

ZOO 102: Animal Legends TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, Jun 29 10:30|9:30cAM

We'll investigate animal legends! We'll also find out why snakes have a bad reputation...which animal holds the world on its back...and, how a dog became the first animal to travel into space!

ZOO 103: Extreme Habitats TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll discover how animals survive in the world's most extreme environments. We'll also meet a mammal that never drinks water...find out how a seal that swims among icebergs can overheat...and what ocean creatures has 7-inch long teeth!

ZOO 104: Life At The River TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll ride the river to discover the animals that make waterways their homes. From enormous hippos...to ferocious crocodiles...to the world's largest rodents. We'll also find out what sends river fish into a feeding frenzy!

ZOO 105: Amazing Adaptations TV-PG (30 min)

We'll discover how animals survive using some amazing adaptations. We'll also find out...which animal eats rocks...which animal makes its own dog repellant...and which animal can survive the vacuum of space!

ZOO 106: Animals Of The World: Africa TV-PG (30 min)

We'll find out what makes a camel so good at crossing the desert...ask why meerkats join the mob...figure out how to find monkeys in the forest...and get up close and personal with the most amazing animals of Africa!

ZOO 107: Animals Of The Americas Before Man TV-Y7 (30 min)

We're going to explore what the Americas looked like a million years ago...long before humans, and meet the incredible animals that lived there!

ZOO 108: A Animal Facts TV-PG (30 min)

We'll separate fact from fiction by finding out what separates man from the monkeys...if opossums can hang their tails...if dolphins have names of each other...and if wolves really do howl at the moon.

ZOO 109: Insects And Spiders TV-Y7 (30 min)

We're going to zoom in close on some of the world's most amazing insects...and spiders. We'll discover what mosquitos do with all that blood they drink...find which insect is loud enough to damage your hearing and more!

ZOO 110: Where They Came From: Reptiles And Amphibians TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll dig into the fossil record to investigate the origin of reptiles...and amphibians. Can you imagine a frog at the top of the food chain? What about a fish that breathes air? Answers to these questions and more!

ZOO 111: Super Carnivores TV-PG (30 min)

We're talking predators. You'll meet the biggest... toughest...and most terrifying carnivores on Earth. Get ready for Great whites, lions, tigers, komodo dragons, polar bears, wolves, and many more fierce animals!

ZOO 112: Animals Of The World: Americas TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus and see the Americas in a whole new way...by meeting the animals that lived there a long time ago.

ZOO 113: Animals Of Australia Before Man TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll investigate animals that lived in Australia long before people showed up. Including a giant kangaroo that could hop and never had to stop, an animal with the most powerful bite and more!

ZOO 114: Animals In Color TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll ask who the peacock is trying to impress? What makes the flamingo pink? And where you can find twin snakes. Get ready to meet dozens of animals that sport the most amazing colors.

ZOO 115: Zoos Now And Then TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll learn how zoos have adapted and changed over time. From the construction plans of medieval castles to the modern zoos of today.

ZOO 116: Animals Of The World: Asia TV-PG (30 min)

We'll trek across Asia on the back of a camel, travel back through history with the domestic cat, and ride into mythology on the back of a dragon!

ZOO 117: Taking Flight TV-Y7 (30 min)

We're taking to the air to discover what it's really like to fly. Find out if birds really do come from dinosaurs, how long a bird can fly before it has to land and what's up with birds that have wings, but can't fly?

ZOO 118: Great Migrations TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll investigate some of the animal worlds greatest migrations and discover how animals know where they're going even if they've never been there before.

ZOO 119: A Animals Of Asia TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll investigate some of the animals that lived in Africa, Asia, and Europe in the time after the dinosaurs but before we arrived.

ZOO 120: Animals Who Are Not What They Seem TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll discover dozens of animals that aren't quite what they seem. We'll also meet an animal that glues plants to itself, another that disguises itself as a hummingbird, and discover why that leaf...is moving!

ZOO 121: Life In The Forest TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll investigate some of the incredible animals that have evolved for a life in the forest.

ZOO 122: The Greatest Places To See Animals TV-Y7 (30 min)

We're traveling the globe in search of the best places to see wildlife! From birds to the beasts.

ZOO 123: Animal Encounters TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll investigate some downright amazing animal encounters. Some good. And some not so good. Plus, we'll meet some famous animals of Hollywood and a crime fighting alligator.

ZOO 124: Animal Geography TV-PG (30 min)

We'll investigate why animals live in some of the crazy places that they do. We'll also discover how an animal's geography helps shape its evolution.

ZOO 125: How Animals Protect Themselves TV-PG (30 min)

We'll discover some of the amazing ways that animals protect themselves. Plus, we'll meet an animal that writes it's own prescriptions, wake up the sleepiest rodent on the planet and learn to respect the skunk “ a little more than we already did.

ZOO 126: Fast And Slow TV-Y7 (30 min)

We'll discover why some animals are fast, and some are slllooowww. We'll also meet a couple of record holders, including the fastest animal on the planet, and the sleepiest.