Episode Guide

TES 101: Nicky's Compass Goes South/a Gem Of A Deal TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, Jun 29 8|7cAM

When the SECRET LAB KIDS head off to rescue some stranded hikers with the aid of Nicky's cell phone compass her battery fizzles out and the team must return to the lab and build a conventional compass./When a con artist purchases Nicky's granny's house for a fake gemstone necklace, the SECRET LAB KIDS must learn about minerals in order to save granny from ruin.

TES 102: The Eagle Has Landed/bee Gone TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, Jun 29 8:30|7:30cAM

When a power company worker finds an abandoned eagle's nest precariously perched atop a wind turbine the SECRET LAB KIDS build a homemade rocket to fire a rope up to him so he can lower the nest to safety./When JD and Kent discover there's a shortage of beeswax for their surfboards, it leads to the discovery that all the local honeybees have vanished from the beehives.

TES 103: If The Fossil Fits/a Golden Opportunity TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Kent discovers a dinosaur fossil, the SECRET LAB KIDS learn about fossils, DNA and even go back to prehistoric times to determine if Kent has discovered a completely new dinosaur!/When Angie loses her mother's favorite “ and valuable “ gold bracelet at the beach, our heroes build a homemade metal detector to find it.

TES 104: Dunkin Zombies/no Volts For Von Bolt TV-Y7 (30 min)

When a virus turns JD into a donut-craving zombie, Angie has to come up with not only a cure, but an inoculation against the virus. Fortunately, Jonas Salk can help./During a sailing trip, Von Bolt begins to malfunction, endangering ALVA and Edison, so the Secret Lab Kids investigate elements, compounds and alloys to diagnose the problem.

TES 105: Mystery Of Pirate Woods/murphy's Law Of Gravity TV-Y7 (30 min)

Angie's great-uncle Thaddeus and JD are sure a local nautical antique shop has the missing treasure chest of Greybeard the Pirate “ but Angie, Nicky and Kent suspect the shop owner is the true pirate here./The SECRET LAB KIDS are ready to demo their new science song for web entrepreneur Mook Zookerboom when he learns that a satellite is coming down out of orbit, panics and heads for the airport. So the team must gather some data on gravity to convince him to return

TES 106: Fashion Genes/electri-kent! TV-Y7 (30 min)

Ever-confident Nicky finds herself competing with Sheila in a "Project Runway-type show, and, needing the perfect model to show off her designs on the runway, she decides to clone herself./Kent discovers one of Edison's secret inventions “ an exo-bodysuit: a steampunk Ironman device that turns him into a klutzy superhero.

TES 107: It Takes One To Grow One/smells Like Teen Stink TV-Y7 (30 min)

JD's ultimate fertilizer is slowly turning him into a plant and it's up to the team to get him back to the lab in time to cure him!/When Kent's super B.O. makes him reluctant to appear on a prized comic con panel, the Secret Lab kids have to find a way to Stop the Stink.

TES 108: Monster Smash!/a Monster Of A Mystery TV-Y7 (30 min)

When JD and Kent's battle bot, Monster Smash, escapes from the lab, the Secret Lab Kids must navigate a maze to find it./When JD and Kent believe that the dreaded Whomper is lurking outside the lab, Kent is terrified. JD hopes to become famous for discovering an unknown creature. The team must use science to determine if itÕs really a monster or if they can correctly classify it as some other animal.

TES 109: Slime Time/it's Always Sharkest TV-Y7 (30 min)

When JD uses Angie's ˜oil slick dissolver' formula for a slime fight, a wrong ingredient creates a gelatinous Blob monster that threatens to devour the city./While visiting one of Kent's relatives, the kids come up with a great idea for attracting more tourists to his restaurant - the only catch is that it also attracts a very big shark with very big teeth!

TES 110: Zero Chemistry/von Dropout TV-Y7 (30 min)

When the kids catch Von Bolts "crying," they build a robot girlfriend to keep him company, but the robot is too advanced and the kids have to play cupid if they're going to get them together./Von Bolt, feeling underappreciated and overused, quits the team to find himself and a lot of trouble.

TES 111: Mutant Mascot/freaky Furry TV-Y7 (30 min)

When their new guinea pig mutates into a big furry monster, the kids seek a way to revert the effect, and find the answer in genetics./When a freak accident causes Angie to switch bodies with her dog, Skeezer falls hard for the "new Angie while the "old Angie goes rabid with frustration!

TES 112: The Monster Not Under The Bed/nanobots Byte TV-Y7 (30 min)

The Secret Lab Kids shrink themselves to microscopic proportions in order to prove to Joelle that there are no monsters hiding under her bed. They just didn't count on all the other microscopic creatures./When Angie's garbage-eating nanobytes escape from the lab, the Secret Lab Kids must stop them before they turn the planet into one giant feeding ground.

TES 113: Awesomobile Deluxe/follow Your Nose TV-Y7 (30 min)

After making some modifications to the kids' new self-driving car, Kent takes the vehicle for a spin and loses it./When J.D. and Kent accidentally beam their noses to parts unknown, they must find and reattach their fugitive snouts “ somehow “ while they still can.

TES 114: Fungal Bungle/water Friends For? TV-Y7 (30 min)

Kent's extreme attempts to cure his toe fungus in time for a pool party cause the fungus to mutate and grow into a fungus-based replica of Kent himself. The Secret Lab Kids have to stop the replicant before it turns the whole lab into a stinky, sticky fungus-farm./When Kent manages to contact aliens, they land at the Edison complex and demand that the Secret Lab kids help them find a very valuable "treasure" that their planet needs. The trouble is, they don't know the earth word for this treasure - sending our kids scrambling to solve this mystery before they get turned into "shrablitz"!

TES 115: Dancing Machine/ape Escape TV-Y7 (30 min)

Hoping to get on a dance show, Von Bolt wears a remote-control dance outfit! But if he lets someone else dance for him, is he really a winner?/When the Secret Lab Kids are responsible for a female gorilla breaking out of the zoo, they'll do some heavy lifting to return her

TES 116: M For Mayhem/act Your Stone Age TV-Y7 (30 min)

JD creates a mini-universe to store his stuff but it grows wildly out of control and starts consuming everything - and everyone - in the lab./Having wrought destruction on the Lab's indoor greenhouse, JD seeks refuge from the consequences of his actions by escaping through the VR Window to the Stone Age

TES 117: Static Monstro-city/i Yi-yi Robot TV-Y7 (30 min)

When JD and Kent accidentally create a static electricity charged laundry monster, it rampages through town. With the help of Robert Van de Graaff they find a way to defeat the monster's static cling./When the Antimatters create a rogue robot, it's up to the Secret Lab Kids to save the day.

TES 118: Burpin' Babies/backpack Payback TV-Y7 (30 min)

Kent's youth serum works a little too well and turns the gang into screaming babies. The serum soon wears off “ sort of “ now they're adults trapped in baby bodies and Von Bolt doesn't know whether to obey or burp them./When the Anti-Matters steal JD's backpack and discover the portable ALVA, the Edison Lab Kids must concoct a plan to retrieve the backpack before the AMs locate the Secret Lab

TES 119: Futile Attraction/skin Deep TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Kent gets zapped by an electro-magnetic coil, he becomes a living magnet and tries to use his newfound "magnetic personal to impress a girl he likes./The Secret Lab Kids give Von Bolt an upgrade complete with prosthetic skin and now, llooking quite human, Von Bolt ends up a top model destined for runway greatness.

TES 120: Out Of Memory/pizza To Go TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Von Bolt loses his memory “ including the password to the lab's ticking self-destruct mechanism! “ the kids must explore his robot ancestry and with it the history of computers to help him remember./A growth ray expands a tiny pizza up to gigantic proportions, and the Secret Lab Kids muststop it before it totally destroys their city!

TES 121: Helium Buffoons/when It Rains It Pours TV-Y7 (30 min)

The Antimatters send the whole Edison complex into the sky by pumping it full of heliumand it's up to Newtman (a.k.a. Kent) to save the day!/Angie invents a machine that can change the weather but, when Nicky falls into the beam, it's her unruly emotions that alter the weather.

TES 122: Ant-urbia Disturbia/unidentified Flying Awesomobile TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Kent feels ignored by the other SLKids, he unexpectedly becomes friends with the ants of Ant-Urbia, who eat a special substance from the Kafloogalator that allows them to communicate with Kent and become a super-organism super-friend./Kent flies Edison's Awesomobile to France to meet Sheila, but he is mistaken for an alien in a UFO, and the Team Kids must rescue him from an Area 51-type base.

TES 123: Great Bouncing Eyeballs!/rock It To The Moon TV-Y7 (30 min)

When Von Bolt with his eyes, The Secret Lab Kids grow an assortment of fantastical eyeballs but when they accidentally get bounced all over town it means big trouble!/When Von Bolt accidentally destroys the museum's new moon rock, the Secret Lab Kids must find a way to replace it.

TES 124: Stranger In A Strange Lab/sturm And Drag TV-Y7 (30 min)

When an old friend of Edison's visits the lab and asks the Secret Lab Kids to help him with an urgent, top-secret project, they have to follow him through a wormhole to get to his own secret lab./The Secret Lab kids race an impossible deadline toÊfinish a secret new aircraft for the mysterious, jovial character named "Bob".

TES 125: All The Heavy Lifting/twas The Night Before Liftoff TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, Jun 22 8|7cAM

While the kids try to solve the payload problem for Bob's secret craft (with Rupert hindering their efforts), Von Bolt believes he uncovered proof in form of a tiny wrapped present that Bob is Santa Claus./With time running out, the Edison kids have only to perfect the cloaking technology to complete their new airship right after they figure out how to get back inside the impenetrable mountain lab they're locked out of, that is!

TES 126: Von Bolt Meets Santa/and To All A Good Flight TV-Y7 (30 min)

Fri, Jun 22 8:30|7:30cAM

The Secret Lab Kids must devise functioning space suits so they can travel to the moon aboard Rupert's custom-made, super-duper jet to rescue Von Bolt and Bob. To make things even more interesting, Von Bolt accidentally discovers that Bob is actually - Santa Claus!/Marooned on the moon on December 24th by Rupert and the elves, the Secret Lab Kids have only a few hours left to get back to Earth, restore Santa Claus to his sleigh and save Christmas.