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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

This third installment in the series of highly successful and popular cult action films features two Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson and multi-Grammy Award-winner Tina Turner in a post-apocalyptic adventure. Set in an Australia devastated by the effects of global thermonuclear war, surviving humans try to eek out a living in a world where fresh water andclean, safe food are worth more than gold. Like its smash-hit predecessor, "The Road Warrior," this science fiction adventure contains some of the most visually stunning and creative action scenes in motion picture history. Leonard Maltin says "if you're looking for action, this is the film to see... There's one tremendous action scene after another."


Mel Gibson
as Mad Max Rockatansky
Tina Turner
as Aunty Entity
Bruce Spence
as Jedediah the Pilot
Helen Buday
as Savannah Nix
Angelo Rossitto
as Master
Adam Cockburn
as Jedediah Jr.