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Honeymoon In Vegas

Academy Award and Golden Globe-winner Nicolas Cage stars as a man terrified by marriage due to promising his dying mother that he'd never get married, who now is confronted by his longtime girlfriend, (Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Sarah Jessica Parker) to either get married or get out. It's decided to have a quick wedding, so they travel to Las Vegas where they encounter a big-time gangster, Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominee James Caan, who thinks Parker's character is his wife incarnate. After tricking Cage's character into a losing game of poker, he demands to have a weekend with the bride-to-be and the hijinks ensue as Cage chases after them, including a jump with the Flying Elvises!


James Caan
as Tommy Korman
Nicolas Cage
as Jack Singer
Anne Bancroft
as Bea Singer
Peter Boyle
as Chief Orman
Seymour Cassel
as Tony Cataracts
Sarah Jessica Parker
as Betsy / Donna