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Home of the Brave

The Iraq War hits home at last with Irwin Winklers Home of the brave, the first major feature film to explore the homecoming of U.S. troops from the war in Iraq. In this stirring, unflinching and multi-layered war drama, a diverse group of National Guard soldiers returns to Spokane, Washington after getting caught in a harrowing Iraqi street ambush that will change each of their lives in profound ways. With honesty, humanity and grit, the film probes to the core of one of the most vital yet untouched subjects in America right now: not the war itself but the personal experiences of the courageous young men and women fighting it.


Samuel L. Jackson
as William Marsh
Jessica Biel
as Vanessa Price
50 Cent
as Jamal Aiken
Christina Ricci
as Sarah Schivino
Brian Presley
as Tommy Yates
Chad Michael Murray
as Jordan Owens