Make the Most of Your Morning

MARCH 13TH, 2017

We all know mornings can be hectic, especially on weekdays.  Developing and maintaining a good morning routine can make your whole day better.  Here are a few simple tips to get your morning started:

  • Wake up early: Waking up early allows you to get a jump start on your day. The early morning hours are a great time to get in some stress-busting exercise or go through your to-do list and set your priorities for the day.
  • Stretch it out: Stretching can help loosen your muscles after sleeping and increase blood flow. Taking time to do a few yoga poses allows you to connect your mind and body in preparation for the day.
  • Meditate: Start your day with meditation to fill you up with positive energy. Meditating does everything from improving your focus to reducing stress.  There are some great apps and videos available online to guide you. 
  • Eat a well-balanced breakfast.  Breakfast is very important.  Your body has been fasting all night and needs fuel.  A protein-packed yogurt parfait with greek yogurt, high-fiber cereal, fresh fruit and chia seeds is an unbeatable combination.

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