Girls’ Night!


It’s always great to spend time with your girlfriends, but sometimes life gets in the way.  That’s when it’s time to plan a Girls’ Night!  De-stress, relax and have some fun!  You deserve it!  And, whether you’re staying in or heading out, there are tons of fun things to do with your besties.  Here are a few ideas: 

  • Throw on your PJs and have a game night, and for some big fun, maybe mix it up with a deck of giant-sized playing cards or a giant stacking blocks game – you can go online to buy.
  • Learn a new craft – does somebody in your group have a great skill to share?  How about a DIY art/painting party?
  • Screen an amazing chick flick – especially one where you know all the dialogue - or binge on your favorite ION Television show!
  • Commit to running a 5k race and meet once a week to train – bonus points if it helps raise money for a charity
  • Check out the city’s new hip restaurant – make sure to reserve ahead, especially if you have a big group

And, whatever you are doing, good food can always be a great part of it! Go to to find great guilt-free recipes.