Trash to Treasure


Trash-to-Treasure Don’t you love free décor? In this case, it required some TLC to take someone else’s trash and turn it into a treasured piece in the home, but it was worth it.

This mirror was found on the curb during my neighborhood’s scheduled bulk pick up and as soon as I saw it I knew it can become something special. Apparently, it was a dresser mirror in its past life but envisioned it as a coffee table in its second reincarnation.

I purchased four, 14” traditional table legs in unfinished wood from a home improvement store, 1/2” plywood, and top plates to attach the legs. I began by cutting the plywood slightly smaller than the size of the mirror. Your local home improvement store can also do this for you. Attach the four legs about an inch from the edge in each corner with the top plates. This step is important because the mirror does not have a thick enough backing. If you attempt to attach the legs directly to the mirror, the screws will more than likely crack the mirror on the front.


Trash-to-TreasureOnce the plywood base is assembled with the legs, proceed to paint it the color of your choice along with the trim on the mirror. I chose white to give it a shabby chic/vintage modern look. After the paint is dry, apply construction adhesive to the surface of the plywood and center the mirror right on top. Allow it to dry overnight for full adhesion.

I bet you’re not going to look at furniture trash in the same manner again. Flea markets, garage sales, and antique stores are another great resource to go treasure-hunting – albeit it probably won’t be free.