The Fifth Wall: Ceiling


 Ceilings can be considered the fifth wall in any room, but even more so in a bedroom.  We basically stare at this blank canvas when we are lying in bed every night, so it makes sense to give this area more thought when it comes to design, right?   

There are different things to take into consideration when deciding to paint the ceiling or not.  For example, the height of the ceiling and whether it already has any architectural details that you wish to highlight.  Generally speaking, if your ceiling is plain and has a smooth finish, I recommend painting it two shades lighter than the existing wall color to create depth.  If you are not brave enough to take this leap, then consider painting the ceiling an off-white or ivory, which makes the room appear warmer rather than leaving it stark white. 

The opposite holds true if you have tall ceilings with architectural moldings.  By going darker on the ceiling color, it actually makes the space cozier and emphasizes the trim on tray or coffered ceilings that might be entirely white.  Don’t be afraid to take risks.  Just keep in mind the overall room design, so that the entire color scheme in the room complements each other at the end.