Rustic Room Divider


rustic-tallThe rustic chic style is definitely on trend in home décor, so I wanted to share with you the idea in case you have a similar decorating dilemma in your home. The master bathroom was large and had a corner bathtub as the focal point between the two vanities. It was nice, but it was too exposed in the room. I wanted to separate it a bit more visually from the rest of the space and create the feeling of a romantic enclosure. The solution was to use closet doors!

I purchased a set of 30” wide x 80” tall, bi-fold closet doors made out of wood and literally cut the doors in half. When you cut them in half, what you have left basically resembles a shutter and it’s ready to paint. Now, if you’ve ever tried painting louvered doors with a brush, you know how difficult it is to reach all the corners and in between the grooves of the horizontal slats, so the best advice is to use a spray. You can purchase wood stain in a convenient spray can, which is what I used for this project. Trust me, it’s the best thing ever! It’s quick and easy for these types of louvered doors and without the mess of a liquid stain.

To hang the room divider, I used a plant bracket on the top and bottom of the panel, which is functional and decorative at the same time. The brackets resemble cast-iron scrolls giving this shutter a rustic chic look. I installed one on either side of the bathtub to frame it beautifully and now we have the “wow factor” we needed in the master bathroom for less than $100.00.