Design Diary: Room to Grow


If you're looking for different ways to update the look of your child’s bedroom, so that the style still works well into their teenage years, here are some tips to help you achieve a makeover with room to grow.

The most immediate and inexpensive change you can do is give the bedroom a new coat of paint. However, stay away from pastels, which can remind you of a nursery or a juvenile space. Instead go for vibrant colors that are more modern such as turquoise, lime, purple and orange. Remember that accent walls can go a long way to infuse style and color in a room, so even if you only paint one wall, it will make a big difference. Go for the wall behind the bed making it a focal point and consider painting vertical or horizontal stripes for a graphic element. Nowadays, self-adhesive decals and wallpapers with cool patterns are also an option.

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, it’s important to choose furniture on a smaller scale that also provides storage. The less furniture you have in a small bedroom, the bigger it will appear. For example, combine two pieces in one by using a desk as a nightstand. It is crucial at any age for homework.

The bedroom's decor should reflect your child's personality and you know they will want the latest trends - just like they do with clothes and electronic gadgets, right? Well, there are ways to add a stylish touch without spending too much. Monograms are a designer trend that can turn an ordinary item into something special. They can be seen on anything from picture frames to toss pillows.

Finally, keep them organized by providing them with a place for everything, such as floating shelves for their books and trophies, corkboards that can be painted the same color as the walls to display photos, diplomas and ribbons, and hooks on the walls are a great way to hang book bags and sports equipment. These items can actually be used as part of the room’s décor, too! Remember to involve your kids in the decorating process, so that they can take pride in their bedroom when it’s complete. This will help motivate them to keep it neat, too, which is every parent’s dream!