Repurposed & Recycled Artwork


Finding wall art that means something to you and complements the décor in your house can sometimes be a challenge.   You don’t necessarily want a print or image that’s mass-produced from a home department store because you want it to look more personal in your space. Well, if you are open to thinking outside the box, then you just might find inspiration inside your cupboards!  

In the makeover featured, I used nine bamboo plates to create three-dimensional modern artwork installation in the living room. It’s amazing how repeating the same object makes such a statement in a room.

I made the plates an even greater focal point by painting an accent color behind them that is the same width as the sofa. It gives the room a pop of color and also frames the artwork nicely giving it more presence. Of course, you can create the same look with any object, but the idea is to repeat it more than once to turn something ordinary into extraordinary that infuses your home with a style all your own!