Refresh Your Front Door


People often ask me for quick tips to make their homes more attractive. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to refresh the color of your front door. Changing the color of your front door can have a big impact on the look and curb appeal of your home.

Find a shade that complements your home’s exterior. If your house is painted a neutral shade, consider a bright, vibrant color for your door. A statement color is a great way to add distinction and focus to your façade. Think about reds, yellows and oranges for a warm and inviting entrance. Cool greens, grays and blues provide a gracious and soothing welcome. The combinations are almost endless so I know you’ll be able to find a color that reflects your own style. When choosing a color, just be sure it works well with the exterior of your home, including the architecture and landscape.

Also, remember that your front entry way is exposed to the elements and takes a lot of abuse. Be sure to choose a paint that is durable and resistant to fading.

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