Redecorate for Spring


Design Diary Redecorate for SpringI’m a big fan of having your home’s décor reflect the current season. Especially after the winter months are gone, it’s nice to refresh the look of your space with a color palette that welcomes spring into our home and that will carry us through summer, too. Changes the entire atmosphere.

Redecorating your home doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch, either. It’s simple and I promise you it won’t cost a lot of money if you keep these ideas in mind. For example, the easiest way to update a sofa, if you happen to have a dark fabric or pattern on it now, is to place a crisp white or linen-color slipcover over it. Add a few toss pillows in pale blues, yellows, and greens and you have a brand new sofa for less!

Another thing you want to try is rearranging the furniture to create a new look and a more relaxed atmosphere – as if you were on vacation in a beachfront villa. Try bringing in a wicker trunk or chest to function as a coffee table; even foldable tv trays can work as end tables to reflect an eclectic style. Also, swap out heavy drapery with softer sheers or linen panels that will automatically lighten things up in the room.

The goal is to add textures and colors that remind us of being outdoors or near the beach. Whether you have tile, wood floors, or carpet, consider adding a jute or sisal area rug for a casual look and possibly changing the art work on the walls for those that depict images of water, nature and the outdoors. Finally, don’t forget the final touches in the accessories, which can be as simple as placing candles with sea shells inside clear vases on your coffee table or dried branches as a floral arrangement.

When everything is done, sit back and relax reading a good book or spending a lazy afternoon just doing nothing in your renewed space.