DIY Project: Recycling Center for Kids


Earth Day is celebrated now in April, so this is the perfect time to start teaching our kids the importance of being eco-friendly. And what better way to inspire them than to turn recycling into a fun game that will help conserve our planet, too!

The concept is to have separate bins in their bedroom and/or playroom where the children can learn how to recycle items properly and dispose of garbage. I began by purchasing three waste baskets for only $2.00 each. Instead of placing them on the floor like a typical waste basket, I made them part of the room’s décor by hanging them on the wall. It makes recycling fun as the kids can attempt to throw the items into the baskets as if they were basketball hoops. I hung the bins from a simple drawer knob, but you can also use a larger cup hook. Just keep in mind that the idea is to be able to take them off when they are full and put back on, so you don’t want to screw them permanently to the wall.

The most important step is to label the baskets accordingly for recycling the different items, and this is where the children can also help. I used adhesive letters that can be purchased at any craft store and separated the bins into plastic, paper and garbage. Super easy to do! It’s a rewarding activity where the entire family can contribute as a team and do their part to conserve our planet.