Organize Your Entryway


The lazy days of summer are over! It's back-to-school and back to all the activities that keep your family on the go.  Your entryway can take a beating with everybody flying in and out.  It can quickly fill up with book bags, coats, shoes and sports equipment. Here are a few tips on keeping this space organized and looking its best.

  • Add a bench with built-in cubbies to keep clutter under control.  Storage baskets inside the cubbies help keep it nice and organized!
  • Give each family member their own cubby. Have fun personalizing each space with decorations and pictures.
  • The best way to maximize storage space is to go vertical. Add hooks above the bench to store book bags, coats, and keys.
  • Complement the space with throw pillows for a warm and welcoming look. 
  • An easy-to-clean rug is essential to help keep dirt from being tracked around the house.
  • And for easy clean up, don’t forget to keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser nearby to remove any scuffs or fingerprints. This will help keep your entryway looking its best!