Tidy homeHave you ever walked into a showcase home or seen photos in design magazines where everything looks so beautifully decorated, spacious and organized? Do you wish your home can look the same?  Well, you can make your dream a reality with some simple tips to make your home tidy and stylish, while still keeping it functional for your family’s lifestyle.

One of the key elements to achieve this perfect balance between style and organization is to incorporate furniture in your space that is multi-functional.  By this I mean that the furniture not only looks great, but it offers additional storage solutions that will help you keep things in order.   For example, a cocktail ottoman or leather trunk with a hinged-top can also function as a coffee table and it provides hidden storage for books, magazines, toys, and anything and everything that you wish to have out-of-sight.  Upholstered storage cubes can offer the same thing, while providing additional seating in a space as well. You can tuck them underneath a console, which looks great and is very practical in your entrance for backpacks, rain boots, or scarves and gloves in colder climates.;

Bookcases also tend to be a source of visual clutter in any space. A solution for this is to incorporate baskets or bins with lids to store smaller items or add doors to the bottom half to hide any clutter.  Along with the books, go ahead and mix in other decorative accessories and picture frames.  Consider using wallpaper or paint on the back of the bookcase that faces out to turn the shelves into a beautiful display that complements the room’s décor.

Measure your rooms correctly. Believe it or not another designer secret that can make your home appear more spacious is the actual scale or size of the furniture in the room.  In small spaces, avoid bulky furniture with oversized cushions and arms that appear heavy in the room. Choose furniture with cleaner lines and be conscious of your floor plan.  Many manufacturers now make “apartment size” furniture that is smaller in scale, but just as stylish. Raised furniture on legs is also a secret designers use to give the illusion of more space in a room – from a sofa to a console table.  Finally, I recommend that you use a virtual room planner that most furniture stores provide to customers for free on their websites to avoid costly mistakes of being too much.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you think like a designer and create a home that is both stylish and organized.  It’s always best to leave enough space for a room to grow, rather than clutter it up from the beginning.  Negative space is a good thing! Not every corner needs to have something.