Multipurpose Room


One of the many challenges in life is balancing work and home. This becomes even more difficult if you actually work from home because you’re not able to disconnect and unwind.

The secret to creating an environment that actually feels like a haven, whether it is used for work or hobbies, is to incorporate furniture that is stylish, keeps your space organized, and reflects your decorating style.

The concept behind this makeover was to create the look of a custom built-in work station for the family. The two desks resemble console tables and the tower in the center adds organization and hidden storage. 

This is an area where all ages can be productive, whether it is on a laptop or doing homework. It becomes a multi-functional space because the upholstered desk chairs can also be used as additional seating in the center of the room to complete the furniture grouping.

Other tips to avoid visual clutter on the desks are to use baskets or bins with lids to store smaller items. Each bin or decorative box can be labeled, so you know exactly what is in there at a glance. Finally, a great way to personalize the space is to add family photos. Simple display ledges can be used above the desks to create a gallery wall. The best part is you can rotate the frames whenever you want.