Monogrammed Toss Pillows


Monograms can turn an ordinary item into something special, while adding a personalized and stylish touch. They can be used on anything from clothes, picture frames, even door mats, but if you've priced them, you know it can sometimes be expensive. Here is a quick DIY project to get the same look for less now for back-to-school.

Begin first by going to your local arts and crafts store and purchasing an alphabet stencil kit. They come in different sizes and font styles, so chose your preference. To save money, you can even make your own stencil at home with your computer...just enlarge the font size of any letter and once you print it out, cut out the outline.   

At the craft store, also buy fabric paint, which come in small bottles for less than $2.00. This is very important as you don't want to use any regular paint because it won't hold up to the washing machine. Also, look for a toss pillow cover with a zipper that allows you to remove the insert or filling because you need a flat surface while stenciling.

Now, two things to keep in mind before you begin painting...first, place a piece of cardboard inside the cover as you don't want the paint to bleed to the other side of the fabric; and second, you want to use a stencil brush, which has a flat-head and requires a tapping or pouncing technique that prevents the paint from seeping underneath the stencil. The goal is to achieve sharp, crisp lines like a true professional. Practice on some fabric remnants before you begin.

And there you go...not only is the project super easy, but fun, too! In the pillow featured, I added polka dots and vibrant colors because the room belonged to teenage girls. But you can also make it more elegant for a master suite by using script lettering; black paint and embellishing the edges of the pillow further with cording or fringe detail. Great project for any room of the house and the possibilities are endless!