Maximize Wall Space


max-wall-spaceStorage is always an issue for many homeowners. The solution is not to continue purchasing extra pieces of furniture that will clutter your home; instead, take advantage of the vertical height of the rooms as much as possible to help organize your space.

Bookcases and shelves can become beautiful focal points in your home décor and provide additional storage. They are versatile pieces that can be given different uses depending on the setting. They look great in a living room, bedroom or entryway – really everywhere. The best part is you can leave the shelves exposed to display your books and other collectibles, and you also have the option of adding doors for a more tidy appearance. The uses are limitless. Woven baskets, bins and decorative boxes on the shelves can be used to organize smaller items and become part of the décor, too.max-wall-space

Floating shelves are a great option for small spaces with a limited floor plan. The shelves can be used for books, DVDs and to create a beautiful gallery wall with photo frames, which is what I did over the desk in this makeover. There are lots of configurations you can apply in your room by using multiple shelves in different styles.

By taking advantage of the vertical height of the walls, you’re finding valuable storage in areas you don’t typically look at as additional “real estate” in your home. When you have a place for everything and everything in its place, you are not only creating a happy home, but a happy life.