Leaning Bookcases


The biggest mistake homeowners make when they decorate a small room is buying large and bulky pieces of furniture. In most cases, they can overpower the space and make it feel cramped. The key is to select furniture that has doesn’t take up visual mass in a room, which is the reason I love these leaning bookcases.

First, I love the look; it has very clean lines that reflect a modern style. The fact that it lacks a backing and you can see the wall directly behind it is also a visual trick to make a room appear bigger. Second, it’s a versatile piece you can use in any setting from living to dining room, especially if you’re dealing with a small space. By now you know that I’m a big fan of incorporating multifunctional furniture in any room whenever possible.

In a dining room setting, this style of bookcase can replace the use of a traditional sideboard or china hutch that might otherwise not fit. Go ahead and display your plates and decorative accessories, or even use it as a mini bar by installing an undercabinet wine glass rack on one of the shelves. Finish off by showcasing your liquor/wine bottles in front of a mirrored frame you can lean against the wall for the ultimate bar effect. Pretty cool and simple to do, right?

Some stores give you the option of purchasing a larger shelf that can be used as a desk top turning the ladder bookcase into a work station as well … perfect for a living room, bedroom, or anywhere you need to designate a space to function as a home office.

Whether you use it to only display books or a combination of the above suggestions, the ladder bookcases are a neat thing that can bring style to your home without comprising your need for storage. They become a beautiful sculptural element in any room!