Kids Mural


Most parents would love to have a wall mural in their kid's bedroom. The main issue is that it can be quite costly to have one custom-made. You also wonder if the expense is really worth it because what if your child no longer wants the mural in the future as he/she transitions the room's décor into a more grown-up space? Something to definitely think about.

Well, I'm here to share with you that you can have the look of a mural for much less. The large artwork you see in the photo is actually...ready for this?  A shower curtain!!!  It had an amazing beach scene that went perfectly with the "underwater" theme I was creating in a boy's bedroom. All I did was purchase 1" x 2" wood to create a square frame that was 2" smaller than the dimensions of the shower curtain. Then, I simply stretched the fabric curtain across the frame and stapled it to the back with a staple gun -- similar to a canvas artwork. And there you go, you have the look of a large, dramatic mural for around $30.00!  The best part is there's no commitment either b/c when your child outgrows the décor all you have to do is take it down.

Let’s face it...most of us are not artists and would find it extremely intimidating to undertake such a project on a wall. Yes, it would be nice to hire someone, but it can be expensive and as I mentioned, more than likely your child will outgrow the artwork. With this project, you get instant "wow factor" in your child's bedroom giving it a whole lot of personality.