Inviting Guest Bedroom 2

Inviting Guest Bedroom 2

Not too many of us have an extra room to dedicate exclusively as a guest bedroom year-round, but if you do, it’s nice to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible.

Although this bedroom already had a sleigh-style bed, it was part of matching set of furniture, which dated the room and also made it appear smaller with the bulky footboard.  An easy solution was to simply switch the bed to a beautiful upholstered version. It looked more elegant and softer in the bedroom.  This also allowed for a storage bench to be placed at the foot of the bed, which is great for guests to sit and also place their luggage on – if necessary.  

Layers of bedding with a quilt, duvet and decorative pillows gave the bed a luxe look and makes it more welcoming.  I kept the color scheme to soft blues and yellows, which are very soothing and also gender-neutral to appeal to both men and women who might be staying over in the room.

The original bedroom set had only one nightstand that matched the sleigh-style platform bed, but this worked in my favor because I was able to buy a round, glass-top table that also complements the new look of the space. This allowed me to frame the bed with table lamps, which also balanced the furniture grouping on the wall.

The makeover was completed with a set of six frames over the bed, which gave the wall visual interest instead of only using one large artwork. These were simple changes that anyone can do to refresh the look of any bedroom and your guests will certainly appreciate all the attention to detail that created a home-away-from-home for them to feel welcomed.