Inviting Foyers


The foyer speaks volumes about your decorating style since it is the first area your guests see when entering your home and, of course, you want to give a good impression, right? Whether it’s a big or small area, you have an opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the spaces with the ambience you create.

Typically, a foyer doesn’t require a lot of furniture since it’s mainly a transition space between the inside and outside of your home. However, it’s still nice to incorporate some special pieces that are stylish and will keep your family organized at the same time. For example, consider a console table with a beautifully-framed mirror on the wall above. A mirror helps to open up a small space and is also utilitarian as you can take a quick glance to check your make-up or outfit before heading out the door. On the console, add a lamp, family photos and decorative boxes that will serve to store your keys or organize your mail. Don’t forget to take advantage of the space below the console table by incorporating a small trunk or wicker baskets for more storage.