Greeting Card Holder


Can’t believe the holiday season is already here! Another year flew by quickly and it’s time to decorate the home with a tree, lights, garlands and ornaments in the spirit of the season. This also means we’ll be getting lots of greeting cards in the mail, too. It’s especially nice to display them as part of your holiday décor because they become more than just a card; it’s an extension of your family and friends who are thinking of you during this special time of the year.

I love using a berry or pine wreath for this purpose. Simply use a suction hook to hang the wreath from your mirror in your foyer or family room and embed the greeting cards within the branches. I love this look! If you don’t have a mirror in your space, then use a stand specifically made to hang a wreath. You can adjust the height of the wreath stand and it will look beautiful on a console table, too. Great to use on a buffet or sideboard in your dining room as well.

Another idea is to hang them from a garland on a fireplace mantel, staircase banister or entranceway molding. Perforate the corner with a hole puncher and tie the greeting card to the garland using a decorative ribbon. Super easy to do and a project your kids can help out with, too. The ribbon also makes a perfect hook to display some of the smaller greeting cards on your holiday tree to use as ornaments. This is a more decorative version of memories that I have a child whereby my parents would display the greeting card on the tree branches.

Happy Holidays! Hope these ideas help you organize and display your greeting cards this season in a more festive manner.