Grave Centerpiece for Halloween


If you’re looking to create a fun and frightful centerpiece for your Halloween party table, this skeleton graveyard is a very spooktacular thing! You can make this on your own to impress your ghostly guests with minimal investment including both money and time.

Materials that you need for this project are a plastic storage container, black spray paint, lava rocks from your home improvement center, dry ice, tombstone and skeleton décor to complete the presentation.

The key to achieve the look of a casket is to purchase a rectangular storage container usually meant to organize items underneath the bed or gift-wrapping paper. It’s the perfect shape. Begin by spray painting the clear container in black. This is probably the step that will take you most time putting together the entire décor.

Once the paint dries, it’s only a matter of building the centerpiece by placing a styrofoam tombstone in the top center. The next step is to place chunks of dry ice on the bottom of the container and make sure you follow all safety instructions when handling the dry ice. Cover the dry ice with a layer of red lava rocks. I chose lava rocks because of its color and texture. Finally, place the skeleton body on top and pose the “bones” any way you like.

To achieve the eerie effect of smoke, add some warm water on top of the dry ice just before your guests arrive and you’ll have the full impact of a spooky grave! Finish off the décor around the table with other details such as an hourglass, which is being held by the skeleton hand, skulls, black tree branches, spider webs and candles. Happy Halloween!