Garden Inspired Chair Rail


Nurseries can be as whimsical and playful as your imagination allows. There are lots of decals, wallpapers and wood molding ideas you can be inspired by to add architectural detail in any space, but when they are used especially in a baby’s room, the look and feel can be magical. This is why I love this DIY project so much, which was inspired by a garden theme. Can you tell?   

As a chair rail, I used thin 1” x 4” furring strip boards to create the look of a white-picket fence along the bottom wall. It added lots of visual interest by being three-dimensional without spending too much money. The “dog-ear” tips of the vertical slats were created using a small handsaw to angle the edges to achieve this specific style. I recommended you paint all the furring strips in white before installing them, which will be much easier.  Along some portions of the picket fence, I also used silk flowers and ¼” screen molding to create the look of the stems, which I painted green, and finished with leaf decals.

Crafts stores also sell colorful wood embellishments of butterflies, ladybugs and other insects found in nature that you can glue directly onto the fence to complete the scene for a realistic look. It’s a super fun project that will add a custom touch to any baby’s nursery or kid’s bedroom.