Makeover: Garage As A Playroom


If you have kids and the toys are getting out of control inside the house … converting an area in the garage to a playroom is the perfect solution! For many, a garage becomes a place for storage and accumulation of clutter rather than a place to park your vehicle anyway, so it makes sense to make better use of this space by turning it into a more functional environment to meet the family’s needs.

Begin by painting half of the garage in bright colors that appeal to your kids. You can even buy chalkboard paint to make it fun for them to write on the walls and express their creativity. Make sure you have a place for them to store all their toys, crayons, and books by buying modular furniture pieces that can grow with your child. It can be something as simple as an inexpensive bookcase with plastic bins and baskets to help them keep things organized, while still within their reach.

Clear shoe boxes with lids are especially good for all the small stuff that tends to get lost or stuck between the sofa cushions such as toy soldiers, puzzle pieces, game cards, etc.

Where does every diploma and art project your child brings home usually end up?? On the refrigerator! A great idea to display them better is to place small drapery rods with curtain rings on the garage wall for an interchangeable art work exhibition. Just clip and display!

To complete the picture, add a table and chair set for them to draw, do homework or hang out with friends. A carpet remnant adds a softer touch on the floor, or you can use foam letters for a more graphic effect depending on their age.

The goal is to make the garage a fun and creative environment for the kids to want to play in … and for the parents, well, you can once again reclaim the inside of the house as adult territory! It’s a win-win situation for everybody.