Flat Screen TV Frame


Remember the days when we all had a bulky television set or even worse … a gigantic projection screen television in our home? Now, it’s been replaced by streamlined flat screens, and although I agree that they look much better, it can still be a challenge integrating them into our home’s

décor. I find this is especially true when it’s mounted directly on the wall because it definitely screams, “here I am.” It can appear to be a black hole in the space.

So, how do we work around this? Literally, the easiest way is to create a frame around the flat screen and treat it as wall art! You can purchase baseboard molding that comes pre-stained, natural or white and then paint the inside of the rectangle an accent color to make it all blend. This is a very effective and low-cost solution as you can see in the before and after of the family room. The next step is to address the empty space on either side of the flat screen. This can easily be achieved by hanging artwork or floating ledges to create symmetry and balance on the wall. It provides a great surface to display photos, collectibles and other accessories.

Keep these tips in mind to create a harmonious space that offers the latest technology and that is both functional and decorative.