Faux Fireplace


There is nothing more classic during the holiday season than seeing a beautifully-decorated mantel over a fireplace.  How else would Santa Claus come down the chimney and deliver gifts on Christmas Eve without one? 

It’s a rarity to find one in a home in South Florida, but no matter where you live, you can still create the look of a fireplace to decorate for the holidays.  It can become a focal point in a living or dining room, and because it’s not a permanent structure, you can certainly take it down when the season is over.

Are you intrigued? In the photo featured, I combined different materials and accessories to create the illusion of a fireplace façade.  For the mantel, I used a 48” wide floating shelf and the surround was made using a 4’ x 4’ piece of MDF board purchased at a home improvement center.  By painting both elements in white, it looks like one unit.  The shelf can be installed directly on the wall, while the fireplace surround can be hung using extra-thin, flush mount brackets on the back.  Individual granite tiles placed side by side directly on the floor become the hearth and then I used a framed mirror at the base to create depth – similar to a firebox – by reflecting the flameless candles.  I love the warm glow of candles during the holidays and these are a safer alternative – especially if you have children and pets running around the home.

The entire grouping comes together when you decorate the mantel with stockings, lit garlands, and more!  It’s a festive and easy DIY project that will give your home a “wow factor” this season.  Just make sure to leave the cookies and milk near the fireplace for Santa to make his grand entrance. Happy holidays!