Fabric Photo Mats


Fabric MatWe can all go out and buy a photo frame and mat at any retail store, but here’s a great idea to customize it to your home décor by wrapping the mat in fabric … so simple and so effective!

The two frames above the desk have a fuchsia mat with a pattern.  This was achieved by picking out a fabric that coordinated with the room’s color scheme.  First, cut the fabric one inch larger than the dimensions of the mat all the way around.  Place your fabric, pattern side down, on a table and then the front side of the mat on top.  Second, take a sharp blade and score the inside dimensions of fabric visible through the mat opening in a criss-cross diagonal.   If done correctly, you will have four triangles at this point that will fold back onto itself creating a sharp finish on the inside corners that are visible from the front of the mat.  Finally, glue the fabric to mat with spray adhesive and smooth out any air bubbles.  You can fold the excess fabric on the back and secure with tape.  Easy as that!

Once you place the fabric mat inside the frame you will have a custom look for a fraction of the cost. Great way to give your frames an update for the New Year.