DIY Headboard


The bed should always be the focal point of the room, so if you’re lacking a headboard, here are two easy DIY idea that are budget-friendly, too! The easiest trick is to paint one on the wall! Mask off a rectangle the width of the bed and as tall as you want with painter’s tape. There are two common brands in green and blue, and both are great at preventing the paint from seeping underneath allowing for sharp lines. I hate it when the line isn’t perfect. Proceed to paint the inside panel any color you want. The key is also to remove the painter’s tape before the paint dries completely. Once you remove the tape you have the illusion of a headboard!  

In addition to the painted headboard, you can also use a floor screen in a new way. Simply attach picture hangers on the back and hang directly on the wall. For around $100.00 you now have a second option as a headboard and pretty creative, too.

Look for less! Don’t forget, if you’re facing your own design dilemmas feel free to ask away for decor advice!  .