Desk Tops as Headboard


There are different ways to create the look of a headboard without necessarily buying a piece of furniture specifically made for a bed. In the past, I’ve used floor screens, plywood tiles and even paint. Here is another creative idea for a headboard that will give you the look for less!

I used two desk tops stacked on top of each other to create a dramatic headboard effect! Very NY boutique-hotel -- if I may say so myself. These desk tops are great to use as headboards because if you hang them horizontally on the wall, their width is almost as wide as a king size mattress, so it’s a perfect fit for every mattress size. They also come in different wood tones, or you can paint them an accent color to make the headboard really pop.

Once the panels were installed on the wall, I hung frames right over them to create even more of a focal point. The look is very modern! This is a simple idea that gives you a lot of bang for your buck when you’re decorating on a budget.