Design Diary: Romantic Retreat


Bedroom BeforeLove is in the air this month. Roses, chocolates and jewelry seem to be the gifts of choice, but have you thought about giving your sweet Valentine a room makeover? With some simple and inexpensive additions, you can turn your master bedroom into a romantic retreat that evokes the sensation that you’re on vacation without ever leaving home.

Here are some creative ways to give your bedroom a facelift to keep the sense of adventure and romance burning.

Bedroom AfterThe key is to use different textures and layers on a bed to make it luxurious and relaxing. I love the look of crisp white linens on the bed as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all the bedding elements have to be white. You can also create a soothing style with a monochromatic color palette by adding different tones of cream and beige – along with the white. Also, look for down pillows and duvets for that five-star hotel feel and look.

To create drama behind the bed, an easy DIY trick is to install a rod across the top with curtain panels. You can choose to drape only behind the headboard or go as far as covering the entire back wall. Whether there’s a window or not it doesn’t matter. The fabric makes a statement in the room and gives the bed a more luxurious backdrop.  

If you have space for a seating area, add a chair and ottoman in one corner of the bedroom to create a cozy reading nook. Perfect for drinking coffee in the morning and reading your favorite novel at night. Other tips that will appeal to the senses are fragrant candles, plush area rugs underneath the bed to define the space, and even strawberries dipped in chocolate or breakfast served in the morning as a sweet treat for that special someone in your life.

So, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, these ideas will refresh the look of any bedroom without having to spend a lot of money, and hopefully, keep the passion alive and sparks flying all year long.