Design DiaryDecorating your home for the different seasons doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A few details placed correctly here and there can transform the look of your space using the colors of autumn as your inspiration.

A centerpiece is the perfect way to begin and looks great on a dining table and/or coffee table as a beautiful focal point in the room. They are very easy to do and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The first thing you need is a base for the arrangement and a plate charger or even a framed mirror will work for this purpose. Then create different heights and levels by placing pillar candles of various sizes on top. Remember that the goal is to capture the essence of the fall season inside your home, so stick to rust and earth tones that capture that look. Also, use natural textures and ingredients whenever possible such as dried branches, leaves, and even gourds and pumpkins in the décor. Scatter them around the base of the candle arrangement … it’s that simple!

Mix in other nature-inspired elements and scents such as cinnamon-scented pinecones or sticks. The fragrance will be amazing and it will disperse throughout your home appealing to all your senses. A majority of the items you might need to create a fall centerpiece you can probably find steps from your home in your own backyard. Have fun with it and let your home set the stage for all the holiday get-togethers just around the corner!