Think outside the box when it comes time to buy new furniture in a dining room. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces from different collections you see in the showroom to create a style of your own.

If the table and chairs are all the same wood finish, you missed an opportunity to make a style statement. Be open to combining a modern glass top table with more traditional wood chairs; mix a dark wood table with upholstered or leather side chairs; or combine all the three elements with a wood table. A big trend we see now is combining side chairs and with two arm chairs in a completely different style and fabric on either end of the table. For example, if you have upholstered side chairs, your arms chairs can be leather or even a natural texture such as wicker or jute. Many times these arm chairs can also work in a living room space as accent chairs, so again, you are maximizing the use of the furniture throughout the home.

Reclaimed or live edge natural wood tables are another big trend in design at the moment – it’s a mix of rustic elegance that makes the table a piece of art in the room and eco-friendly, too. It’s okay to invest a bit more in a special piece like this because many times they are one-of-a-kind. You can save money on a sideboard by recycling a living room sofa table in the dining room. Lean a beautiful mirror against the wall on the sideboard and complete the vignette with a pair of lamps on either side. Mirrors are always a great way to make a room appear larger and make a nice focal point reflecting the light fixture above the table. Speaking of which, a light fixture is key element in a dining room that is functional and decorative. Make sure the scale of the fixture is in proportion with the size of the table and space to complete the overall look.

With these tips you can create a beautiful room setting that will make your next dinner party around the table even more memorable.