Declutter and Feel Better!


You don't have to wait for a major spring cleaning or your next big project to declutter your home - it's always a good time to clean house and let go of all your unused stuff. Clear out those dust collecting and space hogging items. You’ll feel better, and it will vastly improve your space. Studies have shown that less mess can also mean less stress.

Here are a few tips to help you leave the clutter behind:

  • Focus on one room at a time, shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer.
  • Take time to really think about how often you use or enjoy an item when deciding what to keep and what to let go of.
  • Separate and organize belongings into categories such as KEEP, SELL, DONATE or DISCARD.
  • Consider selling things you don’t use to free up cash to buy things you need or to fund your next project.
  • Keep in mind, vintage is in! It may be “old” to you, but it’s “vintage” to someone else!
  • Use a simple and smart app like letgo to easily snap, post and sell anything from electronics, furniture, clothes, or even cars. It’s easy!

Remember, organized clutter is still clutter. Download the letgo app here!


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